Help with Fast Pass Plus and Jedi training

Toy Story Mania was not available for FPP pre-reservations for our day. My kids have no interest in any of the big coasters in HS. Jedi training in at the top of the list for one of my girls and I got a fast pass for Star Tours. Without knowing what time we will be doing Jedi academy, I am afraid to lock in fast passes for shows that aren’t necessary.

  1. Would it be better to leave the other two fast pass options open and try to get a same day FP the Toy Story Mania?
  2. Do I have to use ALL of my fast passes BEFORE I can book a same day or if I leave some a spot open can I book right away.
  3. Can some one fill me in on Jedi training? Do we need to get there first or can we go to Toy Story mania and come back? The book made it sound as though we could sign up while we waiting for the park to open???

Taking these in reverse order:

Best bet is to arrive before rope drop, head to the sign ups (between 50s prime time and Indy) and be ready for your first attraction when RD happens. The earlier you arrive, the more likely there is to be a variety of options available when you sign up.

Never tried this, but, you would be subject to the standard FP Tier rules for your first 3.

Not really… you should be able to modify any same-tier HS FP for TSMM if FPs become available. Alternately, a “rolling 4th” FP can be used on any available attraction and is not subject to Tier limitations.

The other thing to bear in mind is that, depending on your trip dates, there may not be any FPs for TSMM offered, as TSMM is standby-only for a few weeks prior to the opening of TSL.