Help with Epcot arrival day

Quick trip syarting on Wednesday that will start with an arrival day Epcot visit.

Plan is to arrive around 830 and uber to Pop. Store luggage and skyliner to Epcot.

Planning to do Southwest mobile connnect on flight and start to stack up LL for early afternoon and evening. Will i be able to start making reservations for these at 7 since i am staying on site, even though i wont actually have syarted my stay yet (staying Wed through Sat).

If i can, I think i have the day planned pretty well. If not, going to have to sceamble. Also, any experience with Southwest mobile connection? Any tips with it?

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Best of luck to you. I’ve tried a couple of times now, never had any success :cry:

Ugh…not what i was hoping to hear…guess ill be scrambling with bg1 once i land if it doesnt work.


Staying on site only gives you an advantage for the ILL rides (the ones you pay extra for). Everyone can book their first Genie+ LL at 7:00 a.m.

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Uh oh, I was hoping to do something similar.

The good thing is, our SW flight will still be boarding at 7am Florida time, so I hope to be able to at least get GotG VQ (if it still exists in Sept) or the ILL plus a first LL before we leave the ground. We won’t be in the park until later than you though. I hope to be in the park by 3.

I was able to do this on our SW flight. It did give me some difficulty in logging into our MDE account- I think because our location was changing so rapidly? Once that was sorted, I had no issue getting a BG for GotG, and ILL for birth Guadians and Remy (at that time), and a G+ for TT.

My advice would be to make sure everything is working smoothly around 6:40 just in case you have to do some finagling with MDE.


Thanks, can I ask what you had to do to get it to work?

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Initially the wifi was spotty on take off but that resolved about 15 minutes into the flight.

Then when I tried to log into MDE, it kept saying that my password was incorrect. Originally I tried to reset my password and I do not recommend doing that as it didn’t help. On the screen that said my password was wrong, there was an option to send a one time email code to unlock my account. I had to keep repeating that each time I needed to log in but it worked! Once we landed, I stopped getting the error code and could log in as usual.

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I did this on our recent flight in May. Check the timing of when your flight is in the air. They don’t power up the on board WiFi that you can buy until (I think) 30 minutes into the flight, or when they reach a certain altitude. They’ll tell you as part of the announcements that no one listens to. Good luck!


If you are still on the ground at 7 you will be fine. It takes less than a minute to both grab a VQ and book a LL.


We are supposed yo leave at 615

Timing will be close, but of things are on time, should work.

In my experience, the first flight of the day is usually on time, so hopefully that will work to our advantage.

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Agree, though their could be storms here in the morning…fingers crossed it is all good.

Well i was able to purchase and get it going during boarding. See if i can access when i need to in a bit…fingers crossed


Worked pretty well.

Gaurdians bg 87
Guardians ILL for 6:00
TT LL for 11.

Now I can sit back and enjoy the rest of the flight.


You’re in flight and it worked?!


I did forget that they recently announced some improvements to Wifi! This gives me great hope for September!


Yes, i connect while they loaded plane (had an A group boarding. It was unavailable for a short time during take off, but reconnected automatically once they reach 10000 ft.


Awesome! That’s a great line up you’ve got going!

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Great work! I am so glad it worked for someone else. :blush: