Help with ECV scooter company recommendations

Looking to see if anyone has experience with Buena vista scooter or scooter bug and can give me some insight. Trying to decide between the 2. I’ve been searching online with not to much help . All reviews are fairly old. Thanks

Buena Vista were fantastic. When our ECV got drenched in a storm and the battery stopped working, they replaced it in 20 minutes.

I am a very large person and had trouble finding a scooter to rent for our up coming trip.
I tried the ones you talked about but i found one better. / they are not on the Disney kick back plan. They seem to be more thorough and their scooters are powered more and the scooters they rent will last 12-15 hours of straight use or more. Which is better then the ones i used in Sea World i went through 4 in one day and universal i went through 1.