Help with creating touring plans

I am in the process of creating plans for 2 days. I have park to park tickets, and I am not sure where to go first, USF or IOA? I am new to Universal and I will be driving 2 hours to get there the first day, I will check into RP to get EP and then I plan to head to one of parks, but I cannot decide where to start. Any suggestions for a first timer? I would like to try to hit most attractions the first day and then use the second day to re-ride and use EE to do spells. I am going 4/2 and 4/3. 4/2 is a Crowd Level 10 and 4/3 is Crowd Level 4 since the park is closing early for Grad Bash. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!

I would suggest going to IOA first. My reason is that this is where Hagrid’s coaster is located. This ride doesn’t use Express Pass (UXP) and will have a multi-hour queue. It’s a “must do” attraction, if you like high speed coasters.

Plus, IOA has at least 3 big water rides that will get you soaked! No joke! You can do those before you leave and have the next day, all day, to be dry.

You didn’t say if you have a “Park-to-Park” ticket or not. If not, I highly advise upgrading. Not only will this help you with repeat rides, but is the only way to board / ride The Hogwarts Express. (It has a different themed queue and “show” each direction you ride.

Thanks! Yes I have Park-to-Park tickets because we definitely want to ride the Hogwarts Express. I am hoping that we can ride Hagrid’s both days. So on day 1 do you think I should do IOA to USF and then back to IOA to finish the day?

As long as you go both ways you’ll see the both “shows”. Make a couple personalized Touring Plans and see what works best for you.

You’ll have to make two separate plans in order to see the queues at both parks - even on the same day. TP doesn’t offer a way to integrate both parks into one plan.

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TP has a 2 day both parks plan that I used to start my custom TPs. It’s 4 plans all together: 2 parks per day.

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Thanks! I will check these out. I am sure I will have more questions :blush:

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Does this first timer love Harry Potter? If your trip is going to have a Harry Potter focus, I would suggest spending the first day starting in Universal Studios and then transferring to Islands of Adventure so you can follow Harry’s path from the movies. You can attempt to ride Hagrid during its afternoon sweet spot, around 1 or 2 p.m. when the line tends to drop, and then rope drop Hagrid’s on day two.

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We do love Harry Potter. I was thinking about taking Harry’s path the first day. The second day I was planning on doing EE at USF to do spells plus I am not sure I want to take the chance on doing rope drop for Hagrid’s and it being down. I am lucky, my kids are pretty patient in line if it is a ride they really want to do.

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Excellent plan! EE is the best time for spells!

What time should I plan to be there for EE? That day EE is 7:00 AM so I am not sure if I can show up at 7:00 or if there is any benefit on being there earlier?

I don’t think you need to be there that much before 7. If you’re ready to go in by about 6:45 or 6:50, I think you will be good to go. However, it should say, I have never been there during super busy times, so someone else may have a different opinion.