Help with ASMu and YC room request

We will be flying into Orlando on June 6 and staying at All Star Music just that night (my 40th birthday!) because the flight was cheaper even including the hotel room.

Then we will be staying at Yacht Club from June 7 - June 10.

This will be our 3rd time at WDW, but the other 2 times MK was our focus so we stayed at Wilderness Lodge. This year we are going to all 4 parks so I thought it would make sense to stay at an Epcot resort. I am mostly clueless about what to put in our room requests though.

ASMu is just a standard room. We are not going to the parks on arrival day (we don’t get it in to MCO until about 7:00PM). We are planning to Uber to YC in the morning to drop off a bag or 2 and have the rest transferred for us, so location to bus stop doesn’t matter to us. I’m hoping to get a renovated room so was planning to request Broadway building 8, but beyond that I don’t know what to request. Any suggestions?

At YC we have a Garden or Woods view category. I would like a room that is not near the dog-allowed rooms because my son is pretty terrified of dogs, but I don’t know about any other specifics to consider. Any suggestions?

If it matters, it will be me, DH, DD10 and DS8. Thanks!

Here is the map another Liner sent when I asked for the same information last year. I wish I could send the link but am just not good at copying them. :slight_smile:
Anyway, I can see it is from so you can always search there.

Thanks! Did you stay in a room you would recommend?

Unfortunately I can’t recommend a room at YC. We were staying at AOA but what I was told was that people with dogs are placed near the dog “relief” areas so just try for a room away from those.
I’m actually a dog lover, just not fond of poor parenting whether it be human or animal.

Ok. That makes sense. Thank you!

We are dog lovers too, except my DS who only wants to look at them from a distance he thinks they can’t get to him. :woman_shrugging:t2: