Help with AK planning for first time/possibly only timer

Animal Kingdom planning. I wanted to give the kids time at the pool in the AM thinking we would arrive at AK around 11. Dinner at Boma is reserved for 7:40, which I really want and can’t change, no times are available.

Would I be better to arrive at AK at 9, leave sometime noonish or a bit later and return either right in time to head to Boma or a little earlier for a ride and then rides after dinner? (I am making the assumption that the best way to get to Boma from Coronado Springs is to come back to AK and then catch the bus from AK to BOma?) The kids are 13, 10, 8 so we don’t want to stay until 11.

At first I thought you were staying at AKLodge, which would make everything easier, but cost quite a bit more!

Let’s see, pool in the AM at CSR - give yourself enough time to dry off and get changed, then get the bus to AK park. Give yourself a good hour to go to the bus stop, wait for the bus, and then expect the bus to stop at Blizzard Beach before heading to AK park. So pool time will probably end by 9:30am, if it was my family. Then you would have all day at AK park before heading back to the buses to catch a bus to AK Lodge for Boma by 7pm. It’s a long day, but you would have time to see most of AK, but not the night time stuff. BTW, Boma is one of my absolute favorite restaurants.

Otherwise, be at AK park at rope drop (if it opens at 9, try to get there by 8:30am), stay until noonish as you say, and return to CSR. If you want to go back to AK park for one ride before dinner, give yourself an hour again. I would say catch a bus to AK park by 4:30pm, stay there for a ride or two, then make your way back to the buses to catch one to the Lodge by 7pm. Without knowing the Animal Kingdom night time schedule, it’s hard to say whether it will still be open by the time you finish dinner, but probably not. Does that help?

Thanks. It says it is open until 11pm.

Wow! What are your dates? I haven’t seen the late hours posted for Animal Kingdom yet.

June 19-26. And it says for MK on June 22 until 2am. Do you think that is possible? Not that I, let alone kids, stay awake that late!

So exciting! thanks for sharing the new times, I completely missed it before. Yes, it’s definitely right. Back to your question, I think both of your scenarios will work, it just depends on your preference. Have a great time!

we usually do things first thing to avoid lines. My preference (just mine) is to go to AK early, come back - hit the pool and then go to dinner. However as you have to HOP to get there. Going late and doing directly from the park to AKL may be more efficient. You may want to however entertain getting a taxi


AK will feel hotter than the surface of the sun in the middle of the day in June. I would get up early and hit the park, return midday for a swim and shower, and return to the park in the late afternoon for a ride or two before dinner.


I would definitely go with RD; between RD and FPPs, you could get quite a lot done by 12 or 1. Then go back to the resort for some pool time. I agree that your best bet to get to AKL is to take the bus back to AK and then the bus over to AKL, but this will take 45-60 min to do. You’ll need to allow an hour for dinner at Boma, and it would be a shame not to take a few minutes to look around Jambo House (IMHO, the most beautiful building in WDW). You could expect to be back at AK at around 9. It would be a shame to miss out on the new nighttime shows in AK. I would keep my eyes open for the Jungle Book show announcements to come out and REALLY try to work one of those into the evening.

And yes, MK does stay open until 2:00 AM on some nights. I was there one time when it was open until 3:00 AM (but surrendered around 2:15). Talk about short lines…

Thanks all. I’ve just gotten back from my Disney World Unofficial Guide Obsessive Compulsive Planning 12 step program meeting. Ready to go back at it to maximize rides, minimize wait times, and sort out our day at AK!


It’s definitely possible. They do this fairly often and we LOVE them. At home we’re not late night folks anymore but at the parks, especially in summer, it’s so much cooler and less crowded the later it gets. By 1 or 2 in the morning the park is near empty the lines are gone and it’s so much fun. We try to get to at least one late night at MK every trip.

Yes! This is absolute truth! it’s one of the reasons we dislike AK so much. It always feels 20° hotter than anywhere else. I’m looking forward to being in the park later once it’s not so stinkin hot.

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Ditto the heat - we went at the end of June last year and our AK day was the worst in terms of heat. All the other parks were much more bearable in the heat. AK, we ended up leaving early because we were so soaked with sweat. With that said, getting there at rope drop would be my suggestion and leaving around lunchtime for the pool. I also second the idea of taking a taxi back to AK at night to avoid waiting for the bus.

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It’s because the park sits in a bit of a valley, and the foliage is so dense very little airflow gets through which is why you see those little fans all over the park. I know they’ll going for a realistic experience but it drives me away.

On our AK day we did pool for the morning and then went to AK after lunch. Worked great since we had FPs for all major attractions we were doing. Saved us from going back and forth, which never seems to quite work well for us. However, it was winter so mid-day heat was not a problem. So I think it depends on how you do in the heat and whether there are major attractions you’ll want to do without FP.