Help with ADR's pleeeease :)


I was hoping to get some clarity on when to book my ADR’s.

We check in to our Disney resort on October 2nd, Friday night and are staying 4 nights.
The first ADR I want to make is for the following day, Saturday the 3rd.

Is it correct I can make my ADR’s 180 days out from the date of check in? (2nd Oct)
And can I make all ADR’s for the time we’re there at the same time?
My calculations are saying 180 days will be the 5th of April… (I hope that’s right!)
I’ll be booking online so I can start booking at 6am Orlando time yes? (6pm my time)
I’m all kinds of nervous about getting it right cos I really want to try and secure lunch at BOG and dinner at CRT!

Thanks for any help, Danni :blush:

As long as your resort reservation is linked to your MDE account and you are staying onsite you can book ADRs at day 180 for the length of your Tay. So, you can try for those hard to get ADRs. Keep in mind, BOG seems to sometimes load a lot of ADRs a little late ( if you do not get it at first you may have your choice of times if they release a lot later).

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Yes, I agree that if you have your stay loaded to MDE, all days in your stay will be available to book on April 5.,+2015
Online system is supposed to open at 6am EST. If no luck online, phones (407-WDW-DINE) open at 7am EST.

My experience last month was that the online system ‘tried’ to work for ‘length of stay’ days, but never did. When I called, all times I had wanted were still available. And my strategy for calling was to have the number dialed in my phone, and click ‘call’ at precisely 7:00:00am… got right through. Make sure to have your reservation number handy!

I’m taking your word on the 180 day count back math. You are correct that if you’re staying on site, once the 180 day window opens for your first day, you can book for your whole stay right away.

Word of advice… you’ll be in competition with everyone who is arriving in WDW on the same day, and y’all will be logging in at the same time… further (and worse), you’ll be picking from the leftovers of all those who’s stays overlap yours, but they’re staying longer and thus locked up many desirable spots days prior to your being able to make reservations, e.g. people going for a week, arriving on Sept. 30, and thus were able to start booking 2 days before you for the same period that you want. This is not to discourage you, but to lay down the narrative of why it’s really important to do this in a fast and efficient/effective manner.

Start backwards and work forwards, meaning book your ressies for the last day you’re at WDW first, as these will have the most availability. Do BOG first, then CRT, then everything else. Better yet, have multiple windows open and try to do at least two concurrently. You have a really good shot at CRT, but you should be prepared that all BOG ressies might already be wiped out. Don’t panic, just move on down your priority list. Over the coming days and months, check on the site frequently as people cancel their trips (and therefore dining ressies) all the time, so you may still get a shot.

A note on the math. If you enter your resort info & dates into the touring plans dashboard, it will tell you how many days until your trip, so you an use that as a countdown for when you can make ADRs and FPPs. They actually sent me an email on my 180 day to remind me I could make ADRs that day. I was already on the site making reservations when it arrived, but if I had somehow lost track it would have saved me. :wink:

I remember that… I did my ressies at 6am… then at like 10, 11am the “helpful” reminder email came, long after it was too late.

Thanks for your advice everyone! I’ll keep you posted on how I go in a few days, may the luck of the Easter Bunny be with me!! :smile:

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One more question…

Even though I’m on the dining plan, will disney still charge my credit card if I get a reservation at CRT?

Yay!!! I got all the ADRs I wanted with awesome times to match!

I had trouble with the app so did it all through the website. A few times the window of my stay was locked but then I just signed out and in again and it was fine!

Also I wasn’t charged in advance for CRT. Instead I had a message saying my reservation was secured with my dining plan credits.

Hope everyone had a safe and happy Easter!


Good on you! Happy Easter to you and yours!