Help with ADR planning

Is this a realistic ADR plan for a party of 5, or am I crazy to try to reserve all of these? It’s definitely heavy on character meals but we have little ones who love characters! (we are going 1st week of Feb 2019 & we are staying on-property):
S: Garden Grill
Su: Jungle Navigation Company
M: Tusker House
T: Tutto Italia or Coral Reef
W: Ohana
Th: Boma
F: Chef Mickeys

Any thoughts about the order to reserve? I will start with Ohana because that is our one “must”. Thanks!

I believe that Chef Mickeys is hard to get, so put that at the top of your list.

You have less restaurants to reserve than we do, so this doesn’t look too bad.


If any are PPO breakfasts, then book them first or, at the very least, immediately after Ohana.

Otherwise character meals before the rest.