Help..What if I do go on this Sept CBR trip?

Hey all - We rescheduled our April trip to Sept, but I’m still not certain we are going. However, even if it is a hypothetical trip that will not occur, I can’t bare to leave it unplanned! Our resi was at AoA, but since that won’t be open in time, we were updated to CBR Preferred Rooms! (This only entices me more to go!) TP sends my room request tomorrow, and I have so many questions I’m hoping you all can help me answer:

  1. Where do I want our room to be?
  2. Are there connecting rooms available?
  3. Are the pools even open right now?
  4. Is there a walking path from Martinique to Riveriera skyliner?

Any other words of advice are greatly appreciated. I know nothing about CBR since I was so set on AoA. Thanks!


On the WDW maps you can see a clear path from Martinique to Riviera Skyline. But honestly you’re likely the same distance to either one. There is an internal bus that circles CBR as well

We like to stay at Aruba bldg 55 or 56… and its right next to Rivera skyline, then on the few times we need the main areas, we take the internal bus. Quiet pools are sufficient for us. We don’t need the large theme pool.

I don’t see anything that indicates the CBR pool is closed.


Thank you! This is very helpful. Between Martinique and Barbados, what is your preference? Would Barbados be a shorter walk to CBR skyliner?

And silly me, I feel like I knew pools were open but DH asked what the mask rule would be at the pools and it made me suddenly question if they were even open.

There are connecting rooms. I think I would try for a room in Barbados because it is closer to Skyliner, unless you think you will want to eat at Riviera often, and then would try for Martinique. I believe Martinique is the first bus stop also. I’m sure either would work out well. Wherever you request, ask for a corner room. These have two windows and so have a little more light.

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So i will tread lightly because your post doesn’t indicate if you are a WDW regular, or if this is a once every 5 year trip. We were at WDW last week, and it is DIFFERENT, with limited experiences. If you are a regular and avid fan, its a good time to go and experience light crowds, and slower pace. If it is a once in 5 yrs trip, I have actually suggested to our friends in that situation, to either wait … or go as cheaply as possible, cut out one day, save the money, and plan to go again. WDW right now is not worth a full scale, large vacation budget.

Four of our last 6 trips were to CBR, the others were AoA Ariel room, and Beach Club. We really like CBR, its our go-to. But having said that, the rooms are getting dated. CBR rooms are not bad … just tired (we still have a CBR resi for aJan 2021 trip). Preferred simply means location close to the main pool and food areas. Doesn’t mean nicer rooms. For the way we vacation at WDW, (adult trips, no one younger than high school), I would still pick Aruba or Jamaica for the skyliner. Being in Barbados or Martinique isn’t a factor for us.

Perhaps someone else on these boards knows if ALL of CBR is even open, or if just a few of the buildings are open. I will say, the skyliner is a game-changer. You’ll never want to get on another bus again.

Sorry if i rained on your parade. Just my two cents.


All true. Rooms are a little tired, but overall package is still pretty good. I wouldn’t pay extra for a preferred room location, but if it’s being offered I’d take the closer access to OPR especially if you plan to use the pool or food services much.


Agreed. we don’t pay for preferred at CBR Either.

If its offered … Reasons for the preferred: young kids or mobility/walking issues, ease for luggage at check in and check out, planing to eat at the resort very often , interested in a playground, or theme pool vs quiet pool, early stop on the bus route for MK and AK, DIsney Springs.

doesn’t look like Sebastian’s restaurant is open in September, but the quick service and Banana Cabana pool bar looks to be open

Banana Cabana and Geyser Point (Wilderness Lodge) are my two favorite pool bars at WDW.

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Not at all. This is where we are at with planning. It was supposed to be AoA in April and then we rescheduled to AoA in Sept. I initially was thinking its too early for our group, but AoA will not be open by Sept, so they gave us a free upgrade to CBR Premium Rooms. This and following trip reports showing low crowds has me reconsidering going in Sep. It will be our first time going as adults and first time for our young children, but I anticipate going back frequently. I just need to make sure that is the case for our entire party of 9. Another factor is my son turns 3 end of October. It would be nice to get a trip in while he is still free, like we originally planned for.

But on the flip side, it won’t be typical Disney, and it won’t be the trip we planned for in April with character meals and bippidi boppidi boutique. And whether or not we are ready to travel is another factor. We are weighing all these pros/cons and will make a decision soon. I was just wanting to get a room request ready in case we do follow through. Thanks for your thoughts.

Good to know on the restaurants and bus stops, Thanks!