Help us pick our park days in late January?

After years of trying to make it work, my family is finally doing a WDW trip Jan 20-25, with 3 days in the park Friday 21st - Mon 24th. We’re staying on site, but early entry might be ambitious for my family haha.

We’re doing MK (with G+), HS, and AK with a resort day on Saturday. Which day would you do each park?

TP is estimated the following crowds:

MK - 6
HS - 5
AK - 4

MK - 3
HS - 4
AK - 4

MK - 4
HS - 5
AK - 6 (why??)

We have reservations for HS, AK, then MK on Monday, but I’m second guessing that after hearing people recommend avoiding MK on Mondays.