Help, Too many ADR's booked for MK

So I have become a little obsessed and have overbooked ADR’s and other things for our first day at MK and I need help deciding what to cancel. I had BBB for GD at 9:15, CRT at noon and BOG at 4:30 then TTDPw/PV. Then I found BOG at 8:15 and I thought SCORE now we would be able to enter before the masses. Now I am looking at all of it and thinking we won’t be doing anything BUT eating. Hoping that all of you with way more experience than I (this is only my 2nd trip and that was 14 years ago) will have advice. Thank you!

I’d drop the 4:30 BOG dinner for sure. If your BOG breakfast is PPO, you should be able to preorder, arrive at 8, and get out pretty quickly then catch a couple of fantasyland headliners before BBB. You can probably knock out your FPs before lunch then take your time over in Frontierland/adventureland and watching the parade. A light snack is all you need before the DP. Sounds like an awesome day. Really expensive, but awesome!

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Thank you! Its everything I have been reading about since my last trip and I feel so invested that it is difficult to give any of it up. Yes expensive, so I got him a t-shirt proclaiming it the "most financially irresponsible day ever. :money_mouth_face: