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Help me decide … Both look good…feel free to type feedback or input on your experiences if you wish…

  • Jaleo
  • Morimoto Asia

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I’ve been to Morimoto twice and while very good, I really want to try Jaleo so that’s why it got my vote! :sweat_smile:

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I have not been to MA, but it seems stuffy to me and I’m not super crazy about anything on the menu. Jaleo on the other hand… I want like 80% of the menu. It is an experience and a fun one at that.


How big is your group? I have been to Morimoto’s multiple times, the last time in February. At that time they were only open for dinner (I love Morimoto for lunch) and although the menu was limited it had my favorites (the ribs and Buri Bop).

In July @LTinNC82 and I went to Jaleo. I will admit that @LTinNC82’s suggestions made the meal. She knew exactly what to order.

I think Jaleo is better with a group of at least 4.


When you do decide- Morimoto can be booked on Open Table at about 100 days before your trip. Jaleo opened at day 45 on Open Table so I booked that on MDE but changed at day 45 to a better time.


We did Jaleo twice last year – once was not enough. For the upcoming trip*, we’ve got it reserved for the day before my birthday, and there’s a big part of me that wishes I had booked it for my birthday. But Wesley’s never been to California Grill, so… Yeah. :grinning:

We’re going to try Morimoto Asia on our first day, but just the take-out counter.

*FIFTEEN DAYS LEFT!!! Sorry for the shouting. :innocent:


Here are some pics from our dinner. I think I might be missing 1 item, but we split these plates between the 4 of us and it was filling. The drinks were all great too. I only wish we’d had room to try one of their amazing paellas too.

Btw the hush puppy looking things were filled with a seafood mixture and were absolutely delicious.


I think the heat impacted all of us and we were not able to eat as much as usual. If I remember correctly it was actually a pretty cheap meal for four people with drinks.


We will be a group of 6… I am leaning towards Jaleo, but the goal is a great meal and experience for all!


Looks outstanding… the paella is calling my name too!

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Yes definitely the heat was brutal. I think it was around $130 or so for all those plates and cocktails. Definitely a good value and best shared with others. I was so appreciative that you let me tag along.


Jaleo was definitely an experience. We were seated by some cooking ovens and it was so cool to see the chefs in action. There are a lot of on stage cooking areas around the place and seeing as the menu is so varied and it’s meant for sharing, you do get your dishes as they are ready which means a near constant flux of people delivering and taking away dishes at your table. It was like being in live performance art.


Morimoto is a beautiful restaurant but Jaleo is more of an “event”. With your group size I would definitely say Jaleo.


I am convinced!!!

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