Help test new website navigation structure?

If you have a minute, could you help us test a proposed change to TP’s website navigation structure?

If yes, click here to begin:

And thanks!


Hey @len.

Test done :+1:t2:

At the first question asking if I had been to WDW as an adult I could’ve answered both yes and that I don’t live in the US.
Was I right to hit yes and continue or were you looking for something different from international visitors??


Done! Thanks for including us!

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Thank you. Is this recording wrong clicks to get to the right places? If not, it probably should. Many of these had me going through several clicks to finally find things.


Yeah that was a puzzler. I hit “yes” despite not living in the US.

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Yep this. It’s only helpful to them if it’s doing that. Otherwise I’m not sure how they are collecting the information that how they have it mapped is intuitive

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  1. DAS - that link is not in a helpful spot at all.
  2. LL - I found it easily but only because I know what it’s called. What if you didn’t? I pretended I didn’t and it would have taken several more clicks to find it.
  3. DDP - I just don’t like the “About” link. In my experience “About” tells you about the thing, and doesn’t necessarily have more links embedded. I would almost never click on “About” outside of this test where - now that I’ve done some tasks - I know is where you’re hiding stuff I need.

I think a card sort would be a much better way of determining navigation, assuming you didn’t already do one. If you conducted one already, and this navigation is indicative of the results, I think you asked the wrong people.

You should always build in more than one way of getting to a place, too.

I agree with @OBNurseNH on her above points.


I’m not even sure I landed on the right root for that one. I headed in and out of transportation a few times before going into parks :woman_shrugging:t4:

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I think a challenge for us as the test pilots, so to speak, is that we are entirely too familiar with WDW and all the things. Eg I know it’s called LL so I’m looking for that. But if I’m someone without much/any knowledge? I don’t know that I’d click on that.

I think the test would provide better, more useful results if it were given to people without the depth of info that we all have.


Maybe it is

Maybe we’re a reference

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The one I didn’t find immediately was Halloween events.


Yes that one took some digging around

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I agree to a point. I know WDW pretty well, but navigation on this site, well, I really struggle with it after using it since 2017. It’s all over the place and not consistent in any way across the site.


Agree, think it should be under events, not under a park.


Right but you at least know what your target is

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My digging was the small children interests at MK. That took multiple backing up.

The next was fine dining at AK but only one back up.

The rest seemed amazingly intuitive compared to my usual journeys thru internet stuffs.



Possibly. I did know LL, and agree that it should say something like How to Skip Ride Lines.

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Apparently it has random questions that change for each person. I didn’t get any questions like that.