HELP! Struggling with Resort Decision

My DH, DD8 and I are going to WDW Jan. 17-21 2015. We always stay at POFQ, but were told by our TA that WDW probably isn't running any dining promotions in that time period. We love our TS dining and aren't really willing to give it up, but also don't want to pay full price for Dining Deluxe. Any suggestions on other moderate resorts as an alternative? OR should we just book POFQ and hope that they run a promo? We were interested in switching to CS but they haven't released their rooms for January. TA isnt being much help with our decision. frowning

It's possible that they will be running one, but POFQ would not be included. In that case, what about POR? But if they're not running a dining promo, it wouldn't be available anywhere (included in room), regardless of resort.. 

Also, I believe the dining plan included wit the moderate hotels is the standard dining plan, not the deluxe. The Deluxe is A LOT of food, smile Wold the regular dining plan be better for you?

Even if they arent running a free dining promo during that period (which, tbh, your TA has no way to know if they will or not), they will likely have some kind of discount which could make it easier spending the $... I am also confused about your mention of the deluxe dining... do you usually get the standard dining plan or the deluxe?

I am sorry! I meant the standard dining. NOT deluxe. Just dont want QS dining

I would book the resort you want and then see what discount options become available down the road. You can always switch, and you can add the dining plan later too. Have you used the See Ya Reel Soon dining plan calculator? I'd give that a try, too, because for a lot of people it isnt actually saving them money.

...As an aside, I'm pretty sure all WDW resorts are booking for 2015 now?

I have not used the calculator. I will have to try it. THANKS! I think you are right, I should stop trying to figure out what MIGHT happen with discounts, and just cross my fingers that something good will come along for my dates. I can always change.

Here is the link:!dining-plan-calculator/cxc0

I would book it so that you know you have a resey at a place where you'll be happy, and then explore discount options as they come available. Have you looked at this link from mousesavers? It shows discounts from the past few years, including when they opened up for booking and the dates included. This year in January was a 'stay play and dine' offer instead of free dining.

Looks like the released the promo for Stay, Play and Dine in October for my date. Will probably be around that time this year I guess. Thank you so much for the links. You are so helpful!

Anytime! We are staying at POFQ for the first time next month. So excited!!

You will love it! POFQ is so peaceful and small. Not a lot of walking at all, which is perfect after a LONG day in the park.

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We stayed at POR in February and did the Play, Stay and Dine special that came out in October. It worked out very well for us. I would probably go for a room-only discount in the future now that I'm not as much of a Disney newbie (Feb was our first trip) but the package was a good option for a first-timer. We didn't get huge value out of the dining plan just because we ran out of tummy space by the end of the week, but it was nice to have the credits. We used all the TS credits without a problem, but we kept sharing QS meals so we had to work to use all of those credits. Anyway, we loved POR. You'll have a great trip no matter which resort your choose!

One day I will get this Forum figured out and stop replying to individuals and to the general post instead:0. Anywho....... If by some unlucky chance POR is not included in the promo CSR is a lovely resort. Upscale looking rooms and a fabulous pool!

I think there's a lot more to chosing a resort than just the DDP. I know that every time I have "run the numbers", the price difference between using the DDP and the savings I can get with a RO discount is at best a "wash"; the DDP route frequently ends up costing more. And for the way I like to eat, the DDP has too many CS meals, and the DxDP just has too much food that I wouldn't ordinarily order. Of course, I don't do CMs, which I guess is where you get the "best deal" from the DDP. Personally I think theming, size, and proximity to the parks, and room cost are all more important factors when selecting a resort. I'm not specifically "down" on the DDPs or Free Dining, and I'm sure that they work very well for some families, but I think that many people plan around them, thinking that they are a better "deal" than they really are...

I think it depends on who's going and where you're staying, as well as how you eat. Using NTKS's dining calculator, the dining plan was pretty much a wash for us -- less than $50 difference, staying at Mod. If you stay Deluxe, RO is almost always a better deal, regardless of the composition of your family. But it's better to run the numbers, and make a decision based on that.

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The dining plan is pretty much a wash for us, but we like the convenience of not having to pay and "budget" though out the trip for meals. Thank you for all the advice on the room! I feel like I am much less confused than before.