Help - Room Request Feature

Need help with our first time using the room request TP fax feature for our upcoming trip. Can/should we modify the room request fax if we want to stay on one side of building rather than just a particular floor? We are staying BLT deluxe studio lake view but would prefer to be on the MK side floors 7-15. Should we modify this or just pick a room? Currently we picked 8006, but would be happy with 7706, 7708, etc… Thanks in advance for your help!

Do you mean the side of the building physically closer to the Magic Kingdom than the Contemporary? Or are you trying to get a MK view room when you booked a lake view? Why would you want to be on the closer side to MK? Walking from MK means walking into the lobby anyway so that wouldn’t make a difference, I’m just curious.

That’s part of our confusion. We booked LV Studio and on the TP room finder it has LV studios that look out todays the castle/SM/etc… Thought it would be cool to have one of those rooms on any floor (7+). But I don’t want to mess with @len system too much so wasn’t sure if I should just leave the fax request alone or modify it. According to the room request we “choose” (8006) the fax asks for that room or others on that floor (ones that look toward the CR or inward toward the pool) as opposed to that room and others that have a similar location/view but might be on a different floor.

I have a similar question. We will be in Polynesian Villas - Standard View in August and I’d really like one of the rooms at the very north tip of Tokelau on either side. The auto text will ask for the north 8 rooms or so on the East side only or West side only. The ~4 rooms at the north end on the both sides have at least side views of the beach, lagoon and even MK in some. But the ones south of there on the West side look right out at the pool construction. The east side ones south of the first few are fine, but unremarkable.

Can I modify the fax to request one of the north 4 rooms on either side?

Hi -

Similar question about the Room Request Fax. I’ve booked a 1 BR, Magic Kingdom room at Bay Lake Tower. When I create the system Fax, it shows both east and west side rooms. The room type I’ve booked is only on the West side (only 2 per floor). Will the folks at Disney get confused by the E/W request and put me in a Bay Lake view room despite paying for an MK room? Should I delete the East (Bay Lake) rooms before faxing? Just want to do it right and not get less of a view than I used my DVC points to pay for. I want to request room 8026. Fax request currently shows: Bldg 1,Flr 10,E/W-facing room.Exmple:8026,8025,8027,8024,8028,8029,8023,8030 . Your room finder shows: Bldg 1,Flr 10,E/W-facing room.Exmple:8026,8020,8120,7926,8126,7920,8220,8226. Which do I use and how, if at ll, should I modify it?

You definitely can modify it, I deleted out the rooms I didn’t want. So you can add in or take away room listings. The form lets you modify it, I don’t know how it works out on the Disney end.