Help! Room only reservation payment

Hi! I have a room only reservation with WDW for January 28. I put the deposit down on my visa gift card.

Did I make a mistake with the next piece…I called today and paid the balance on gift cards. I didn’t want to fly with $2000 in Disney gift cards, so I paid the balance. That is fine and I’m waiting a receipt. HOWEVER, this is my sticking point. My worst nightmare is that someone wakes up sick (looking at you flu, COVID, and RSV) the morning of our flight and we have to cancel.

I know - in this scenario - I would lose my deposit.

Does anyone have experience of getting that refund for the full payment back (minus the deposit) on their gift cards? Is this money now gone forever? Or applied to a future reservation? Did I make a terrible mistake? :weary: TIA

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They would refund back to your gift cards, so make sure that you keep the numbers and PINs.


Yeah, keep your gift cards. If you lost them, they may be able to apply to a new gift card.

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Something similar happened to me and I didn’t save my gift cards. Therefore, they issued me a new gift e-card, however it did take 10 days.


I’m always afraid of losing a GC too. Disney’s gift card site really does help to assuage my worry as I can register the cards there. That way, if I lose one, I can move the balance to another card instead of losing the money. I find that particularly helpful as I buy discounted cards and then use them for just about everything at WDW including ILL and G+ purchases. I travel with a few cards, locking some in my room safe while I am out and about, just in case i need to transfer the balance to a different card. The site is really easy to use.

I know you already used your gift cards so this isn’t helpful now, and you may already have this info, but I thought it was worth mentioning on the off chance that it is helpful in the future.


My wife and I bought gift cards of 3 $25 cards or $75 total a set. We saved $3. per $75 worth. I thinks we bought like $300 total and even then we didn’t save much. They are a genuine hassle to use and keep track of how much is left on each after use. We now use Discover card tied to our account so we just scan our Magic Band or pay with the card. Discover has cash back feature so why hassle with Gift cards? We quit.


Thank you so much for the affirmation @Jeff_AZ , @SirGreggLadyV , and @trish1201_721026 ! That makes me feel so much better.

I understand your point @DocHopper . Over the course of the past few months, I’ve saved a little over 10% on my gift cards which makes it worth it to me. But I could see how it wouldn’t feel that way for $3/4%.

And thank you @MediumHero7 ! :grinning: I do know about their website. I’ve got about $500 left on the gift cards so I have loaded them there and will use them for G+ and snacks when on site. I’ve got a backup one on there too just in case I lose it. I really appreciate this reminder!