Help! Romantic dinner ideas that won't require a 2nd mortgage?

I am now in the fun early planning stages of our Feb., 2020 trip - adults only! :grin: There was a thread earlier this year about romantic dinners but it seemed that the main recommendation was V & A. That place deserves a spot on my bucket list but definitely not in the cards for this trip, so suggestions for a Feb. 14 dinner somewhere not quite so expensive? Any new restaurants at Disney Springs, maybe?

Virtually any one of the “signature” restaurants would be a “romantic” dinner without having the excesses of V&A. Jiko at AKL and Monsieur Paul in France, in my opinion, are the most “romantic” settings, and have the best food outside of V&A. California Grill is also a favorite, especially if timed so that you can watch the fireworks from the deck. You’re still talking $150-200 for two (depends a lot on what you eat and drink; if it’s entrees only and no alcohol, you might be able to do it for under $100), but certainly less than the $500-plus that V&A would probably cost.

I have limited experience at DS. I LOVE Raglan Road, but I wouldn’t call it “romantic”. Morimoto’s would be an excellent choice, if you like Asian food. My table at the Boathouse was crowded and noisy, but if you specifically asked for something quieter and more “romantic” they may be able to help you out (the place is huge).


Thanks for all of these suggestions! I’m looking up menus now…

Most restaurants on site will potentially have littles around, so the ambiance may not be romantic no matter what.

Last year, DH and I did Sanaa for our anniversary dinner. It’s more reasonable than a signature restaurant for pricing, and we went early enough to see the animals on the savannah, which was fun. We enjoyed a great meal and felt like we did something special.


Thanks - I love the idea of a really special environment like AKL adding to the evening. And getting there early to enjoy the animals first would be very cool.

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It would probably help narrow things down if there are any particular types of food you either like, or dislike.

For example, Narcoosees is often mentioned, and has a great location. But because DH doesn’t like fish and neither of us like seafood in general, it’s unlikely to ever make it onto our bucket list.

On the cheaper end of things, the ambiance of San Angel in Mexico is nice, dining along the “river.”


Ditto Sanaa. My husband and I went in Jan 2017 and dropped our kids off at simbas playhouse. There weren’t any kids that we could see them. We had a great night there.

For us (unfortunately!) that doesn’t help, as we don’t have any dislikes in general. But for others, yes, that is important!

I haven’t eaten there, but it does seem like an interesting place to have a meal - thanks!

Thanks! I think we’ll definitely be spending some dining time in AKL this time around. We love excellently prepared food in a pleasant environment, but to add on a “trip” to Africa? Yes, please!

My husband and I loved eating at GF for the ambiance. We did Citrico’s and got there a little early to have a cocktail at the bar behind the jazz band (can’t remember the name). Service was absolutely spectacular and we loved our food. Very elegant experience.

A more budget friendly and delightful experience was Spice Road Table at EP timed to eat in the terrace during Illuminations. Obviously the wildcard for you will be that Illuminations is being switched out next year. So not sure what the new show will be. That being said, the food was delicious. Service was excellent. View on the lagoon was lovely. Tends to be more adults too because Moroccan food isn’t normally selected by family’s with little ones.

If you’re open to in park, TIffins at AK is wonderful and HBD at HS is classic.

As someone above mentioned, you can’t go wrong with most of the signature dining options.

Thanks so much for these suggestions! We have eaten at both Citrico’s and Tiffin’s and have throughly enjoyed both. I think this time around, I’m going to be budgeting a few nicer dinners away from the actual parks, and this will certainly include spending more time at GF. Just walking the grounds there is so pleasant! And Spice Road Table is for sure going to be at least a lunch for us, although timing it for whatever the show will be over the water is a wonderful idea. Early planning is so much fun! :grin:

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