Help re first timer schedule!

Visiting WDW for the first time between Jan 5 and Jan9 '20. Coming from the other side of the world with my family of 5, wife and 13, 10 and 8 year old) so trying to jam as much in as possible.

Fast pass day coming up and would appreciate any help from the experts…here are my 2 options

Option A
Jan 5 from 2pm - MK (CL 7), Jan 6 - HS (8), Jan 7 - AK (6), Jan 8 - Epc (3), Jan 9 till 3pm - MK (6)

OR Option B
Jan 5 from 2pm - EPC (CL 9), Jan 6 - MK (8), Jan 7 - AK (6), Jan 8 - HS (5), Jan 9 till 2pm - EPC (3)

Any thoughts would be appreciated !

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I think right now the plan is for Splash Mountain to shutdown for refurbishment on January 6. If that’s the case, I’d plan to be in MK on Jan 5th to make sure I could ride it.

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If Splash Mountain is a must-do ride (which it is for me), then you need to go to the Magic Kingdom before Splash Mountain closes for refurb. The only issue I see is that Magic Kingdom is a two-day park (sometimes three) and with Option A, you have two Magic Kingdom half-days scheduled. How about an Option C
Jan 5 from 2pm - MK (CL7), Jan 6 - MK (CL8, also Early Morning Magic is available this day. I’d consider reserving that if you can afford it), Jan 7 - AK (CL6), Jan 8 - HS (CL5), Jan 9 til 2pm - EP (CL3)

Agree with post above - given the age of your children and the construction work at Epcot I think you can do that park on your last day. Would have 1.5 days at MK and one at AK and HS. If not doing early paid hours at MK the would move do MK, AK, DHS,MK, Epcot.

Funny…I had to work really hard to make Epcot fit into a single day for our May trip. We usually do that in two days. Making it a single day means rushing through, despite all the construction.

For us, AK can easily be turned into a half-day…although that’s trickier now with FOP.

Looking at Undercover Tourist’s crowd calendar, it looks like your first two days will be very busy.

Looking more closely, I think your Option A is still the best option without changes. It gives you essentially a day at each park. Your first MK day will be crowded, but the second MK day should have far lighter crowds…and the fact you are spreading MK over two half days means you will essentially get 6 FPs for MK compared to just 3 at the other parks. This helps get through more of the park even though you are doing two half days.

Option C would also give you 6 FPs for Magic Kingdom plus all the rides during Early Morning Magic that you wouldn’t have to use FPs on. All we all know, crowds can be managed with good planning no matter what crowd level. That’s the whole point of Touring Plans.

Yes…but at the sacrifice of a half a day at another park.

I mean your option C is fine. But, personally, I’d hate to lose out on a full day elsewhere.

Wait. Where is option D? Extend your trip by a day…or two. :slight_smile: