Help, question, Wanting to drop off a gift basket for a friend at POP

We will be at WDW next month at the same time that an HS Friend and her daughter will be there. We will be spending some time in the parks together. QUESTION: I want to drop off a welcome gift (Wine and Cheese-its, other things) for her arrival at POP (we are at WL). Would I drop this off with the Bellman or Front Desk? Is this an issue? Has anyone done this before? Suggestions? TIA.

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When is your trip? I am sure it might not be true all the time but today they are not allowing anyone to drive to Pop without a reservation .


I’m assuming because it is opening day for the Skyliner!?!?

From chat:

I assume it is due to the skyliner . I am curious to see how long it will last.

That’s no bueno.

Unless, because of Skyliner those resorts with access will be seen as a loophole for folks wanting to avoid parking fees to camp out at for the day.

I don’t recall this being announced ahead?

I don’t think it was announced by I guess it makes sense.


Next week

It seems we will have to wait and see what happens with Pop allowing access by car to folks without reservations.

I can see why there might be an issue getting in the front gate. I have a few days on property before I need to deliver the gift. I will check with WL Bell Services/Security/Front Desk to see what their opinions might be. Worse comes to worse, I will get over to a bus or Skyliner and get to the front desk at POP that way - or hire a delivery service. I am willing to throw some money at this to get it done.