Help: Prioritize my rides for FP requests

Hi - Tomorrow is FP day for me! I have a list of the rides I want to go on!

I’ve been told that I should book FP starting with the last day of my trip (Nov. 30) and ending with the first day of my trip (Nov 27). I’ve also been told that I should the book the hardest ones to find first, so I’m a bit confused with all of this.

Could this amazing group review the rides I’m interested in getting FP and help me with prioritizing how to book them?

November 27 - Epcot on the day before Thanksgiving! Would like FP for:

  • Spaceship Earth
  • Test Track
  • Seas with Nemo

November 28 - Thanksgiving Day at Magic Kingdom. Would like FP for

  • Peter Pan’s Flight
  • Haunted Mansion
  • Pirates of the Caribbean
  • It’s a Small World - I know, this is a 4th ride, but does it need a FP? This is a MUST, more important than Pirates of the Caribbean

November 29 - Black Friday–shopping and hotel day!!! No FP needed.

November 30 - Animal Kingdom

  • Killimanjaro Safari
  • Na’vi River Journey
  • Finding Nemo the Musical

If you could prioritize this for me, that would be AWESOME!!!

Thank you.

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Your FP aren’t especially hard to get ones. I try to get the one first that is most critical at a specific time.
So if you really want an early Safari get that one first. Anything you really want in the morning, go for those first.
If it were me, I would get NRJ, KS, Then work on the MK ones, as timing there could be important.
As far as ISW, I would get it over PoC, as there is usually Same Day for Poc. However, if you could rope drop either PP of ISW, then get FP for the other 3.
TT is the one to try for first on your list at EP, but you should be ok getting it.

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Thank you!! this helps tons!

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I’m sure there will be a debate… lol… I prioritize by hardest to get. I’d try to get your FPPs in this priority listing:


My logic is to get the MK FPPs first with outdoor queues. (Plus, MK is the most popular park) Then KS – which is popular w/ an outdoor queue. The remainder are in the order I think you get to ensure they are available. TT & NRJ were basically a tie – but since I have strong negative opinions about NRJ I put it there. Plus, TT often breaks down in the morning – meaning if you have a FPP for it you’ll get an “Anytime” pass for an Epcot attraction.

With this being Thanksgiving week, it’s going to be harder to get what you want versus other times. Most of these I wouldn’t even stress over if the travel dates were a week later.


Very comprehensive assessment. Thank you!!!

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My FPP day was this past Monday. I was able to get a FPP for HM at day 60 with no issue. You shouldn’t have one either. I would do them in this order:

  1. Test Track
  2. Navi River Journey
  3. Peter Pan
  4. Safari

Then just go day by day until you have them all filled up. You really shouldn’t have any problem with those.

IASW shouldn’t need a FPP. It has a high capacity so the lines move pretty fast. Being Thanksgiving week, I would check Touring plans to determine a wait estimate, but same day FPP may be available for it. Personally, I would stick with PotC.

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None of what you’re looking for is difficult. I’d probably prioritise Peter Pan just because of its low capacity, then safari, then Test Track. We could still get same day Small World FPs at 9pm in the summer, it’s not hard to get.


The only reasons I would vote for TT over PP is that

  1. Test Track has operating issues alot and
  2. It’s the first day, a day ahead of PP.

But the OP shouldn’t have any trouble getting any of these.

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I did TT after 4 days of SDD and TOT (it was during the refurb) and 2 days of FOP, for my first day and still got it for 9am. I don’t think it will be an issue. But you never know.

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If they are still giving out a PoTC FPP for two rounds of ToTSS (and we’ve planned our trip hoping they are), you can take that as your fourth. It should take <15min to earn the FPP, less than the standby queue most of the time.