Help! POFQ Garden or POR Royal Room


Good day! I have never stayed at PO resorts (WL, YC, CR, Poly, and once at CBR). But, looking at week trip in January. Room at POR Royal Room is about $200 cheaper than POFQ Garden View. I do like the idea of a smaller resort, but amenities at POR would be nice. I will be solo part of this trip. Which would you suggest? Please help! Happy New Year! smile


I would stay at POR. The Royal Rooms are great and you can always walk to FQ from thr Royal Rooms.


I stayed at POFQ for my solo trip because I thought the smaller resort would feel safer. I'm sure both are very safe and well lit though! I just wanted to avoid long walks alone. I stayed POR with my family, and it was great, but many of the buildings are very secluded. The Royal Rooms are not very far from the lobby though, so I'm sure they would be fine. If you like the idea of the RR, then go for it. $200 can buy a lot of food when you're solo. I just wanted to say that my solo experience at POFQ was excellent.


I loved the Royal Rooms at POR. I loved Yeehaw Bob so much that I'd stay there if his schedule aligns with your days. We went to POFQ one day to swim and look around so you could always do that too.


Last trip we stayed in a Royal Room (Building 95 Parterre Place, room 9531). Loved it. We literally walked out of the room, across the bridge and were at the main building. Two minutes at most and that was if we walked very slowly.

The rooms were fun, the river running right in front of the room made the view and the location was incredible.


We are staying at WL next trip and are working Yeehaa into the schedule. He is a blast!!


FQ is an easy walk and the beignets there are pretty darned tasty for breakfast, the carriage ride at POR is definitely worth it and the whole resort is very well themed and beautiful.


We've done the Royal Room before and It was easy to get to the main building at POR and maybe 10 min to get to POFQ. i beleive you are allowed to pool hop between the two as well.


Pool hopping between the two is allowed. I prefer POR's pool but FQ's pool is whimsical.

The Royals in Parterre Place are very convenient to the main building.


We really liked the location of the royal room and it has such a great theme! The need left a little to be desired in my opinion but I'm pretty picky about mattresses. If it's cheaper I'd say go for it.