Help Please

Forgive me if this was answered somewhere, but I couldn’t find it. Here’s my situation as we approach tomorrow’s reservation fun:

Have had trip planned for Aug 27-Sept 5 (mixed DVC and cash) since the 11 month mark and purchased Gold passes for my wife and kid for that trip and our planned one next summer. I have a Platinum that was extended til Dec 14 and I guess a month more if I want now. When everything started to hit the fan I made reservations for Christmas time (also DVC and cash) in case this summer trip was a no go. I figured we could upgrade the passes if need be when we got to the parks.

So now with this reservation system with things as is I don’t believe I’ll be able to reserve park days over Christmas because of blackouts. Is this something that can be dealt with or am I outta luck?

The other option would be to move this summer to February but then my pass will be expired. What is the word on that situation? It must be common

Are you willing to upgrade your gold APs ?


If there is park availability I would call member services when tickets are available again and upgrade their APs. Yours will still be good with the extension?

Yes mine would be for December, but not for February if we went then

You can always ask for an early renewal on yours. I think if you are thinking Christmas I would try to get those days as soon as possible.

I’ll see what I can do. Thanks.

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