Help Please - MK Plan - September - Is this doable?

Is this doable? I tried doing a personal plan but I couldnt get it quite right. I think I wasnt adding in the FP right. Any opinions I will take. Have not been there since 2006, and we didnt have a child then.

**This is a Saturday, and park closes at 7 PM! WDW CL of 3 …MK level of 4

**These are the rides we really want to go on, and I tried going by recommended times.
We wold head to Fantasyland first, as they are most important for our then 7 yr old.


**We plan in 3:00 parade, Lunch at BOG is at 12:35. We want to grab some food at Pinochhio Haus at around 6. We want to leave by 6:30 or so.

Rides to go on in order:
Peter Pans Flight
Many adventures of Winnie the Pooh
Under the Sea
Ariel’s grotto
Mickey’s Philharmonic
Haunted mansion
small world
Meet merida
Jungle cruise
Alladin carpets
Country bear Jamboree
Enchanted tiki room
Buzz Space soin
Monsters inc laugh floor
Splash Mountain - Not even that important to us.

Thank you in advance!!!

Kind of tough evaluating this without the results from the TP Optimizer. What sort of problems were you having with it? Check out the step-by-step instructions with videos at, and also check out Making Optimized Personalized Touring Plans with FastPass+ for tips on how to incorporate FPP into a personalized plan.

At first glance, with the number of attractions you have it’s probably possible if you arrive for rope drop and don’t take any breaks. I’m an advocate for the midday break, but understand why you’d want to maximize your park time on an early closing day. I’d just be wary of meltdowns after being on the go for over 9 hours in the park + whatever travel time from the resort, maybe trying to include some quiet, seated, air-conditioned attractions in the afternoon.

Another thing to be wary of, is that exiting the park on a party night (I’m presuming there’s a Halloween party, since that’s the most likely reason the park in closing at 7pm) can be challenging, with cast members gently herding the non-party goers out of the park. It probably won’t be as bad in September as with some of the Christmas parties last year, but there’s often a mass of people at the monorails, ferries, and boats right at closing time. If you’re thinking of making dinner your last activity in the park, then I’d consider eating at one of the Magic Kingdom resorts.

I also didn’t see the attractions that you said you wanted to get FastPass for on the list that you put in order. Those seem like good choices, but I’m not sure when you wanted to do them.

Yes. Im unsure what time to put those 3 fast passes, I guess 2 in the late morning, and maybe dwarfs mine train in afternoon. The other 2 days we are there we have a 3 hr afternoon break. But we really need to maximize our time in MK. I think we will leave around 6 or 6:30 if we can to avoid the craziness leaving. I woudl love to hop over to grand floridian for a nice dinner, but I dont think we will live up to the dress code, and we wont be refreshed. LOL. We are staying at art of animation just for the suite. I wish these deluxe hotels would have a suite, because our daughter has never slept in the same room as us. Even a partition would help in one big room. We could eat at Ohana, but not great with her peanut allergy there. Any other ideas? For Wildnerness maybe? We have a BOG lunch reservation at the park that day for lunch.

[quote=“DisneyFinally, post:4, topic:11151”]
Im unsure what time to put those 3 fast passes, I guess 2 in the late morning, and maybe dwarfs mine train in afternoon[/quote]

At the Magic Kingdom, I’d lean toward using the FastPasses up first thing in the morning, because you can get additional FPP at the kiosks in the park, and with so many FPP attractions, you’d probably be able to get some for attractions you have planned later in the day.