Help please :) Friend wants 4 parks one day

Eek… I have a friend who contacted me today wanting me to give her an itinerary for 4 parks one day on June 28 (staying offsite so no EMH). It will be her and her adult daughter, they are fairly fit (can walk decently fast) and they will have a car. They’ve been to WDW about 10 years ago but it was with Make-A-Wish with her son but they have at least a basic idea of the parks layout. She said they like coasters and want to end at MK for fireworks. I am leaving for WDW this Friday and I have no time to create TPs for her so I am reaching out for help/advice of what I should recommend to her.

How does booking FP work when she only has a 1 day hopper pass and staying offsite? I have never only had a one day pass. I would think she should go for Epcot FP if available? Or can she even book before her arrival day? Also, she’ll pay one day parking fee, right? I’ve never stayed offsite so we always have had free parking.

I am thinking of this itinerary below but is it an attainable plan…? HS opens at 9 am the day and MK closes at 10 pm.

  1. RD HS
    -RnRC single rider
    -possibly Star Tours?

  2. EP
    -Test Track
    -Mission Space?

  3. AK
    -I doubt she’ll get FP for FOP/Navi River so she may have to skip those? What do you all suggest?
    -Exp Everest single rider
    -K Safari

-if time Jungle Cruise & Pirates??
-HEA show

I’d find out what her favourite/must do rides are, and possibly talk her into skipping a couple of parks.

MK opens at 8am without EMH so I would park at the TCC and start there, they could do alot in the fist 90 mins, then I’d take a bus to HS, and use my FPP there, boat to EP hopefully picking up a FPP, using Single rider line, and expect a bit of a wait. Then I would pause and see how I was feeling and what FPP I could snag. Either take the bus to AK, or go back to MK, see the fireworks from the bottom of Main street, and make a hasty exit, drive to AK which doesn’t close till 10:30pm.

MK 8-10am, 7DM, Space Mountain, Buzz, BTMT, Splash
HS 10:30-12:30pm FPP TSMM, TOT, ST, and single rider for RnRC
EP 2-5pm single rider for TT, hopefully pick up a FPP for MS, and queue for Soarin
They could watch the MK fireworks from the TCC before jumping in their car
AK 10-11:30pm Dino, Everest, and jump in the queue for FOP just before closing at 10:30pm

She can book FP at 30 days as long as her ticket is linked to MDE, and yes she’ll pay to park, show the receipt at the next park and won’t have to pay again.

We have done 4 parks in one day, and we tried to do 3 attractions in each park. Your list of four is probably fine for each park (but that depends on waits). (Also, we were stuck on Soarin that day, which made us late to MK and we arrived as the fireworks ended - much later than we wanted.) I think a time schedule may help out as well here.

Since they are driving it would be beneficial for them to have their car at AK and MK. The other two parks you can walk between. The ideal situation (for driving) would be AK (move car to TTC), EP, HS, MK. However the way you have the day set up makes sense. You have HS and this is a park you can rope drop those attractions successfully, and there are no EMH. And this may be the best start of the day.

After HS, the next park should be where they can get FPP. Once they use those they can attempt to get more FPP for the next park.

My niece and I did 3 parks in May (and we are not incredibly fit with no car!). Here’s what we accomplished (I’ll not FPP or Same Day FPP):

MK start (with EMM):

HS: (this is where we started our FPs)

Soarin (SD FPP)

We had lunch at HS Backlot Express and then closed down with dinner at Le Cellier at 7:15 before heading back to the resort. With a late park, I really think you can accomplish a lot and the 4th park is totally feasible…if they are in good shape! I was exhausted (and we were up early the morning before for a 5am flight so that didn’t help!). But I hit everything I wanted to except Haunted Mansion. Just figure out what the priorities are and the right order, it will be a blast!

We did four parks in one day in March over spring break and accomplished so much. Our goal in each park was to do at least two attractions. meet one character, take iconic photo and have a unique snack. We did much more than that. A general outline for us was RD the first park, schedule FPP for the second park and once done with FPPs in the second park start looking for available FPPs in the third park. And then in the third park start looking for FPPs in the fourth park. We snagged RnR and ToT FPPs in HS which was our third park and FPPs for EE and Dinosaur in AK our fourth park.

I’ve given this a lot of thought and if I was in Disney for one day, I would totally do this -

Thank you all SO much for your help! I was already going to suggest to her to skip one park just to make the day less rushed.