Help please - AK TP Not using EMH

This touring plan is not using the AM EMH hours. What am I doing wrong?

Nevermind. Can’t delete this post…

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I was just looking at it and it changed before my eyes! Glad you got it sorted.

it was bizarre… i have 2 plans. 1 version that I evaluate. the copy I posted is the optimize version. when I copied my “evaluate” version, it changed my plan hours and removed the EMH. I wasn’t expecting it to do that.

And thank you for your fast response! I’ve got to start knocking out my touring plans… i’m at day 196 and need to be ready for ADR day.

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I do mine before ADRs too, even though I’ll only have to change them after FPs.

When you have a second, can you relook this plan?

It feels like too much, although it’s working out on paper very well. Adventurers Outpost might get pushed to our other AK day. Also looking for suggestions on things to do on our way to the exit if Tusker’s House is the last thing before we take our midday break.

I think your EE wait looks extremely optimistic, even for one wait never mind using child swap as well. But I haven’t been since Pandora and I’ve heard the rest of the park is empty for the first couple of hours, so maybe… if it goes end up being longer you could do the Outpost on the way out, but I don’t know what the wait would be like at that time.

I think your plan looks great. Do you have 1 or 2 days in AK? If only 1 day are you not planning to do both the Pandorra rides? What FP’s do you have for the evening?

@missoverexcited I haven’t been since pandora either. I hope that everyone is in pandora! Good points. Thank you.

@Tate Thanks. This plan is probably going to be a 1/2 day. I will plan another day with yak & yeti for lunch or dinner and do ROL. I am not sure if I will go to MK or EP after a swim break midday. I’m going to leave the decision to Sam & Dave and just wing the evening plans. We’re staying at BC and I really want to take advantage of stormalong bay and F&W. At either park, I will just have a loose plan and grab whatever day of FPP I can get, stay for fireworks and call it a night.

I have no plans on visiting Pandora. Shocker I know. DD7 and I have already YouTubed FOP and she’s just not interested. I’ve asked DH to review and let me know if he wants to do it. If so, I can send him to FOP and we can do something else.

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From what I’ve read, EE really is walkon first thing in the morning before everyone is in Pandora, especially during EMH. I would probably start with EE though, and then do the rides in Dinoland to capitalize on the EMH hours benefit at EE.

I initially thought that, but they want to do RS and EE is a longer ride than the 2 rides they have planned beforehand.

I can plug EE first, then backtrack to DinoLand and see what happens. I’d really like to get KS done in time to catch the first FOTLK show.

Well, DD7 and I watched about 45 seconds of the youtube video for Its Tough to be a Bug. She won’t do it. Such a scaredy-cat. LOL

EE, then backtracking to Dinoland makes sense. I think I’ll FPP KS right at 9:00am, hit FOTLK 10 am show, then TH brunch at 10:45.

Now the tough part… trying to predict if the family will want to take a midday break and then head to MK or EP or stay in AK. If we stay, I’ll FP M&M greet & perhaps KS midafternoon. Hit the trails and leave around dinner time.

If we go to MK, I won’t be worried about day of FPP. But I’ve not been following EP day of FPP as closely.

Thoughts on EP day of FPP? We’re staying at BC so I’m expecting to spend a lot of time there.

Are you aware the trails at AK will close at dusk?

At Epcot, day of FPPs will likely be fairly easily available for all but the tier 1 rides. Even TT and Soarin can open up, depending on how frequently you check.

When we stayed at the BC, that’s when I found time to explore WS. It’s great being able to drop in and out. We would go in and get fish and chips, wander around off the main paths and discover all the quiet and lesser known spots. It is still my happy place, where I go when I have an afternoon to myself. :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes I am aware they close at dusk. :slight_smile: thanks for the reminder though!

I suppose I shouldn’t use today’s FPP availability as a good indicator as we’re probably still in the throws of Spring Breakers. Today’s FPP are scarce.

We also love WS. I developed a love for it in my 20s when I could drink alcohol, and now I am excited that DD7 thoroughly enjoys WS too! Loves all the countries and collecting Kidcot bears. It’s been many years since we’ve had fish & chips in WS though. I’m hoping they don’t disappoint. We have an awesome fish & chips place near the beach we visit a few times a year.

everytime i reopen and evaluate this plan, it kicks out my 8am start time and doesn’t make use of the EMH. Help! @len what am I doing wrong?

Hmmmm…when I open and evaluate this plan, it’s using 8 a.m. Is that what you’re seeing?

It’s working now. I will check it again tomorrow morning. So bizarre though because it kept happening. Thanks and sorry to bother you!

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Happy to help. It may have been our park hour estimates. Let me know if it doesn’t work, please.

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