Help please. 30th Dec EMH MK non resident

Hello everyone. We are going to MK on the 30th December with kids (first time USA trip :see_no_evil:) had planned our lines plans and then MK released EMH morning as well as the evening EMH. We have a pretty planned itinerary and really want to see the NYE fireworks, and I have a breakfast BOG reservation,but as non residents most blogs say don’t go on those days unless you’re a resident! We know it’s going to be crazy busy so I would like to know if we should still go on that day or go at normal opening hours. Also, does the welcome show start for EMHs or is it on at the ‘normal’ opening time? Thanks for your help

You have no idea. I’m not exaggerating. You couldn’t PAY me to go during that week. We were there during that time period once (and we got in for FREE), and our only memories were how miserable we were there.

Others may have other stories to tell, though. I know I’m a downer…but I really do wish to save people a unnecessary headache if they have any other options.

The welcome show is at normal opening.

But you need to be aware that even those times will change. The chances are very high, almost certain, that all that week, there will be EMH at ML starting at 7am, with normal opening at 8am.

At the other parks, there will probably be 8am or 8:30am openings.

Plan accordingly! But you won’t be able to avoid EMH days at MK. Adjust your expectations, and use the TP tools to help. It will give you a good idea as to what you can achieve.

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I’m with @ryan1 - that is the very last place I would be during most of the week. We’re going to MK on 12/26, and that’s only because DD16 will turn 17 that day and she wants to be in MK that day.

I would say that I don’t like MK, especially the bottleneck called Main Street, because it doesn’t handle crowds well.

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I have to say, we all loved being at WDW over Christmas.

I had done my best to adjust the family’s expectations, and done far more planning than I usually would. Our TPS were very loose, and we never referred to them in the parks, but they were great for showing me what we could realistically achieve. And they were pretty accurate.

They obviously worked, because we were all surprised at how much we actually could get done. And having the plan in my head was sooo much better. When I compare it to 2 days at Legoland Windsor this summer, we did far more at WDW on any 2 days.

I think it’s a love it or hate it thing. Like marmite … :joy::joy::joy:

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Perhaps we are spoiled, but we are used to going to amusement parks and getting through 20-30 rides in a single day. I can easily do 12+ coasters at Cedar Point.

So the day we were at WDW during the New Years timeframe we got in 6 rides total. None of them major. 2 1/2 hour wait for Peter Pan.

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Christmas Eve, we arrived about 9ish (on a 7am EMH day), feeling jet lagged. ISASW before breakfast at BOG. I can’t remember the exact order but from about 10am we did PP (with FP), Under the Sea, Pooh, watched Gaston for maybe 20 minutes, Dumbo, went round to the wishing well, looked at the murals “in” the castle and Cindy’s fountain, rode the carousel, pulled the sword out (or didn’t), and HM (with FP). And out just in time to see the noon parade arriving at Liberty Square.

So 2 1/4 hours or so. And didn’t feel rushed. We were fighting the tide of people as we were heading to HM and everyone else seemed to be heading for FL.

We’re planning our next trip for Christmas 2020. When I suggested it, they all agreed. It helps I guess we have the extra time, so we can spread stuff out.

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I’m so nervous as we started planning this trip of a lifetime a year ago (it’s a huge deal for us and a huge amount of money) so when we booked it and I started unraveling the nitemare truths about Disney at Christmas I was gutted. Unfortunately it’s booked and we can’t change the 2 weeks we have :see_no_evil:. We fly in the 27th from UK and are staying onsite at Universal. I know it’s going to be crazy but I’m just hoping that based on the fact that I have planned every last detail to the point of anxiety that it will still be a holiday to remember. I’ve managed to get all of the restaurants booked and character dinners that we wanted including BOG. I’m feeling really apprehensive though as all of our touring plans for Disney have been pretty good on average wait times. On the 30th they have us attending 17 rides and attractions with waits from 10 to 60 minutes. Based on what the majority of you have replied I’m doubtful at how accurate the plans really are :roll_eyes: Thanks for all of your comments though, they really are very much appreciated

Relax! It’s an amazing time to be there.

Honestly, the TPs were amazingly accurate in terms of what we could do. You just need to be ready to be flexible if something happens to throw it off.

What are your plans for NYE? That was something else. We avoided the parks that day, DH and the boys went off to the malls, I resort hopped from Bay Lake to WL and had a great time.

The problem came when DH tried to come back to Bay Lake to park before an early evening meal at DS. By 1pm, traffic was backed right the way back beyond the welcome gate, and at a standstill. He ended up driving to DS, I went by bus and we ate. Spent a little time at DS, had a drink in Jock’s Hangar Bar and came back to Bay Lake. Luckily we were directed round by Golden Oaks and FW back to Bay Lake and police directed us along the verge past the line of cars.

We had planned to spend the evening back at Bay Lake anyway, just hoped DH would be able to have some wine at dinner.

So moral of the story - do not plan to drive anywhere within WDW on NYE. Ever!

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Well NYE we are going to do both IOA and Universal, and stay at Universal for the fireworks then walk back to hotel Cabana Bay. We have fast passes for the day and the wait times on the touring plans are unbelievably low, so we will see! :slightly_smiling_face:
We were going to do Epcot for NYE then read the reviews about travelling anywhere in a car to be a horrific so changed to Universal.
The kids are soooooo excited and I’m really excited about seeing the place all lit up, I think it will just be a holiday that I will need to try and relax as much as possible and not get too stressed!! fingers crossed!


WDW decorated for Christmas is absolutely beautiful! Good call to not go to WDW on NYE if you’re staying at Universal.


Wow! It sounds like you will have an amazing trip! Any chance you will make it to Disney before 8 for entry at 8?

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Don’t put so much pressure on yourself. You will have a fantastic time. There will be so much to see and do and you will get caught up in the ‘spirit of Disney’. Maybe be realistic in your expectations. Decide which rides you really want to do and treat everything else as a bonus.


Thanks for all of your comments. They really are appreciated.
Just booked the Universal Fast Passes for the 4 of us for New Years Eve, so hoping that will take the pressure off a little bit :slight_smile: