Help planning two day August DLR trip, please

I apologize in advance if I should have been able to find these answers by searching somehow, but I’m really having trouble navigating this site! We are planning a California trip in August with our three adult 20-something sons and two of their significant others, staying at Marriott’s Newport Coast Villas. The group has agreed on one day at each park (except for one of the SOs, who has never been to a Disney park and doesn’t really get what it is. She’s agreed to one day and to consider adding the second if she likes it).
We live on the east coast and have been to WDW probably twenty times over the last 30 years, with and without the kids. We always use the personalized touring plans and buy the books, and we feel like we are pretty good at it! But aside from a trip when I was 3, none of us has been to DLR, and the planning is kicking my butt!
So, as the 60 day restaurant reservation window quickly approaches, I am swallowing my pride and asking for help with a couple of questions. I’m sure I will have more later, but these are the most pressing now.
Buying tickets: Is there a way to buy six 2-day tickets and one 1-day ticket? The website didn’t look like it was giving me that option.
Once I buy the tickets, does each person need to create an account to be able to be a part of our party? Or do they need to make accounts before I buy the tickets? We’ve always traveled with people who already had accounts and we easily linked them.
Does all of this need to be done before I can try for an Oga’s reservation at 3AM one day this week? Do those sell out in seconds like they do at DHS?
And am I right that if I only have one day at each park we should eat at counter service with mobile ordering rather than try to book any restaurants besides Oga’s?
As I said, I know I will have more questions later but these are the ones keeping me awake this weekend. Thanks in advance for your help!

If you don’t buy a two day ticket for the SO, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to upgrade for the next day. Park passes are usually booked up well in advance. I would plan on a two day ticket for her. If you do go with a one day ticket, you might have to buy it in a separate transaction.

You can add all of the tickets to your account and assign them names. No one else needs to have an account. For LL, mobile ordering, etc it may be helpful for others to either have their own account or log into yours. If they create their own account, you can just link all the tickets. It’s pretty easy.

You do not have to have tickets to make a dining reservation. I usually eat QS at DLR. There are plenty of options!


Thank you so much! I appreciate your help!

You may not be able to get a next day reservation if you don’t reserve ahead of time. And I’m not sure you can upgrade to a 2-day ticket or you have to buy another single day ticket.

ADR reservations don’t necessarily open up at 60 days at a certain time. I got my Goofy’s Kitchen reservation at like 45 days, like around 10 am PDT.

Depending on what are your priorities for the parks, TS may take up too much time. There are many delicious QS options. Eat at off hours.

Oh, good point about the possibility of there not being a next day reservation! The book seems to indicate that you can upgrade to a longer ticket as long as you do it by the end of the day, but I hadn’t accounted for the reservation.
I really wish there was a set time for reservation drops! I’ve seen midnight PST, 3am PST, 6am PST, and 7am PST, and now you are saying it might not even be 60 days. Ugh. My husband and I got to do Oga’s at DHS without the boys and I really don’t want them to miss it. Might have to do one of those paid services to look for reservations.
Priorities are definitely the rides, so QS it is! And since we plan to leave the resort at 6am to be able to RD, we will certainly be eating meals on the early side.
Thanks for your reply!

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Coming back with a quick update! Oga’s slots opened at precisely 9AM eastern time 60 days out, and I was able to snag a 7:20pm slot while my son had success with a 1:45pm slot, so now we just need to decide which works best and cancel the other.
Also, we ended up doing a one day for the SO as she was excited about a solo pool day at the hotel, and I did figure out how to do that combination on the ticket purchasing page. And I think we have them all linked, although that’s not nearly as clear as it is on the WDW site where you can plan with your “friends and family”.
Thanks for the help!