Help! Planning October Trip Staying Offsite

We're going in October but won't have access to EMH (or EE at UOR) and won't be able to make FPP until 30 days out since we're staying offsite. Any advice for trying to plan given these parameters? Starting to worry given what I'm reading on here about booking FPP 60 days out and barely getting good reservations. Most worried about EFG at USF - all but told that unless you have EE you're SOL. We thought October would be a good time of year but starting to think its whether you stay onsite or not that counts most. Any help would be great! Want to make this a great trip for DH!

Well....create your PTP first. It will tell you which fpp you need to book. Get what you can at 30 days out. Check daily (esp starting 1 week out) for the rest. You'll have to go at RD, during parade or wishes/Illuminations/F!, or last few minutes to avoid the longest lines for any attractions for which you are unable to get fpp.

For UOR, RD. You can buy an express pass online or at park if lines are bad (shouldn't be, except for the Harry Potter rides--again, RD those).

Are you going the week of Columbus Day? That's the only week in Oct that should have moderate-+ crowds.

Hope that helps.

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The only FPP you may have trouble getting at 30 days out are A&E and 7DMT. Everything else should have pretty good availability.


We are going the week before Columbus Day, but hopefully the crowds won't be too bad at that point. I'm going to start looking at activities in each park that we can do which typically have little or no line for when the lines just get to be too much. Thanks for the other advice though!