Help- Planning for park-hopping times- transit times (approx.)?

[this question has probably been asked before- please feel free to link me to docs or forum topics! thank you!]

Hi everyone!

We’re late to the game here- Oct 1-7th is our trip. We have park hopping tickets and want to get a feel for transit times. I remember a few sentences via the touringplans about transit times.

If we’re hopping between parks- what amount of time should I plan for during the day? Looks like most transportation runs on a 15-20 minute schedule- but what about the transit time?

  1. Should I plan for 1/2 hour or 1 hour between parks? Say MK and Epcot? (one way time?)

If we’re hopping out to a hotel/resort for a reservation time (say Contemporary etc.)
2) How much time in transit should I plan going out to the resort and then back to a park? (1 hour to get there?)

Thanks so much for your help! This will give me a better feeling for how much a character lunch may take us within our day.

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If you have a copy of the Unofficial Guide, there is a table in it with the average and maximum times for traveling from one place to another, via your car and via Disney transportation. In 2017, it’s in the chapter on arriving and getting around. I don’t know if this table exists on this website. Another good reason to get the book! But that’s if you like specifics. Many people just rely on a rule of thumb of allowing at least xxx minutes for park to park (I forget the number - an hour?).

For your example of MK to EP, it’s 33 avg/45 max via Disney, 26 avg/39 max via your car. But going the opposite, EP to MK, the Disney system is faster.


I am not sure exactly how accurate times on this site are but this gives you the route options on how to get from place to place using Disney transportation


That site has a paid version that may be dependable, but that website is not updated and sometimes it can be scary wrong (like going to a water park).

Some parks are very quick- HS/EP because you can walk in less than 30 minutes. MK/EP when the monorails are operating I think you are right- I would plan 45. All other parks I would plan an hour. Sometimes you are lucky and it is much quicker but I always plan the longer time.

Yes you are 100% correct but I have found a value their in alternate routes. For example we needed to go from MK to Ohana two years in a row… Not staying at the Poly I was not aware of the boat. We took the boat our second year.and we found it a very enjoyable and the same time as the monorail the year prior. We are likely to do the same thing next week.

Hi Everyone!

I just now realize that the book and website are intimately linked! I’ve got a copy of the book now based on your suggestions and will be working with both the site and the book! Thank you so much for the explanation, and all of your suggestions and times! As the site and book are helping us plan here, I’m feeling better about our approach to the parks.

Thanks so much for the kindness and suggestions!!

ps- I believe there’s a water-taxi of sorts from Old Key West- so am looking into that as well based on your suggestion, thekid! Thanks!!

The water taxi from OKW will only take you to Disney Springs. You should definitely try that! It is a fun way to travel. Also- anytime you are not sure, for example- how do you go from Epcot to Hollywood Studios- just ask here! Most likely there will be at least three or four of us that will hop on and tell you the different ways (walk, boat) how long each takes and what we prefer (I walk). We love to talk about Disney!

This post & the replies were super helpful! I’m currently in the stage of planning where I need to figure out what time to leave the hotel to get to parks by RD, and what time that means for us to wake up in the morning. I have the book at home but did not remember this chart. I added the average transportation times & the worst transportation times to my spreadsheet so I really know what we might expect. Thanks, all!