Help plan my park days

This is our third WDW Vacation in three years. This is our first time going in spring. We have 7 day park tickets (not PH). Originally I was thinking 2 days for HS, 2 days for Epcot, 2 days for MK, and 1 day for AK. We spent most of our last trip at AK so I thought we should mix it up. My struggle is that I’ve never spent less than 3 days at MK and I’ve heard that Epcot is a mess right now. On the other hand, this will be our first Epcot festival and I’m wondering if we will want to spend 2 days there. Help!

When I was at Epcot over Thanksgiving week it was very difficult to get around the starting area (eg Future World) but in the WS it was normal. Of course, things will be very different by the time your trip rolls around.

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You will not consider park hoppers? I ask because the Epcot festivals are fun but two half days might be a better option than 1 or 2 full days.

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I would love it but honestly I am surprised I am even pulling the strings for this trip to happen but that won’t stop me from considering park hoppers! I think if all my kids were similar ages it would be a bit easier to plan days and know which parks to visit.

If you have 2 adults you can split up sometimes and have one adult take the smaller kid(s) to small kid rides while the other does big kid rides. I’ve done that every time and it’s worked out great. I have a DD7 who loves things like the princess greets whereas my DS13 and 11 want to do thrill rides we think she’s not mature enough for. If you have an older teen they can go off by themselves, if you’re comfortable with that. We checked and at the moment the minimum age to be going around WDW by yourself is 14.

2 days HS is way too much for me. It’s my least favorite park. If you are used to 3 days MK, and that is what you love, then stick with what you know and love.

We’ve gotten park hoppers that last few times simply so that we could hop in and out of Epcot. We love love love WS, even my 9 year old. There is so much to see.

I know what you mean about HS. DD7’s favorite ride is SDD and DS13 is obsessed with Star Wars so I guess I was thinking about more than 1 ride on each when I picked 2 days for it. Also, with the new Mickey and Minnie ride opening, I had a feeling my DS2 would love that one too!

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I used to feel that way too. Other than evening EMH back in 2012, I skipped DHS from 2011-2018. This past October, however, we decided to try a day at DHS (and skip AK). We were very happy with our decision. My kids loved TSL (among other attractions). On our next trip I will likely plan 1.5 days is DHS now that RotR and MMRR will be open (and we will skip AK again).

If it were me, I would do 1 day Epcot and 3 days MK.

How old are your kids @jscavone? Do they like WS? If it’s your first festival, and your kids like WS than one day at Epcot is frankly not enough to take it all in.

My kids will be 2(almost3), 7, and 13 at the time of our trip.

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