Help picking room request for Contemporary - Theme view

One day. I get one day at the Contemporary and I’m ‘splurging’ for a Theme park view. Not Atrium level, just a regular (expensive!) 2 queen room. I want to put in a room request and I totally know it’s all about availability, but if you don’t ask, you don’t get, right? So I need help choosing an optimum room to request.

Does anyone know how high I can go before they become Club level or Atrium level or whatever they are? 10th or 11th floor?

As we need 2 queens, are any floors just king beds, which I wouldn’t request?

Also, is it better to be in an end room with the stairwell on one side or is even the middle, with the elevators okay for noise?

For viewing the fireworks, am I better off on the --48 side (closer to the park) or the --25 side (further from the park)?

Do all rooms have the couch that converts to a bed?


When I went, I stayed in such a room. What you want to do is request “an upper floor, odd number room.” And that should get you something that’s awesome. The odd number room will have the beds face the castle. And obviously the “upper floor” will get you high enough to see everything.

If you want to be absolutely specific, request room 4739. That’s apparently the 11th floor, and has two queen beds with a fold out couch. I stayed there and found it perfect as I also was directly in line with the Mickey topiary in the lot. I think there’s another floor above it that’s at the same rate, but I’m not 100%. But this was more than high enough for me :wink:

For firework viewing, it really makes no difference as it’s all so close to the park, so you’ll see everything regardless. I noticed no elevator noise, though I was pretty close to them.

Hopefully that helps!

Mickey topiary, straight below!

(very close to a 1:1 scale of how close you are and the size of the castle in reality)

beds face the castle. Though that rail on the balcony might block the actual castle if viewing/laying on the bed depending on your position. The couch is on the right , there, and folds out (I think, I didn’t try)


Awesome pictures! Thanks. So the eleventh floor is fair game then? I don’t know why I thought it was a club level.

Yup, fair game. The club level thing does get confusing cause CR’s room numbers are confusing.

Don’t forget to set your channel on the hotel tv to the wishes soundtrack once the fireworks start (1 channel below the default “park info channel”). It’s gonna be great!!

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Ooh! Good tip! I’m going to write that down with my travel docs. :smile:

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Ironically, I also stayed in 4739 over the New Year’s holiday. It is a GREAT room with a wonderful view. Plus, it is on the opposite side of the elevators than Chef Mickey’s which means it isn’t as loud. Also, it is very near the elevators/ice machine. Can’t go wrong with this room!


I hadn’t thought about the noise from below. Good call. Thanks.

Could you see the castle projection show from your balcony or just the fireworks? Thanks!!

You can see the projections, but it’s obviously not the best view. The trees get in the way so the very center ones aren’t very viewable and the distance is a bit trying so without good vision or binoculars it could be tough to make out details, but they are generally visible.