Help picking Italian restaurant (and other favorite)

Looking for some restaurant guidance. Staying at the Dolphin and trying to pick between an arrival dinner at either Trattoria al Forno OR Via Napoli. We will be getting to the hotel/parks around noon and have plans/FP+ (and Park Hopper) at DHS (last one is at 515). Though we’ve been to WDW, we’ve never eaten at either restaurant and likely only one to do Italian one night. It seems like based on restaurant alone, most votes go towards VN but not sure if we want to go back into the park (but maybe we do) vs relaxing at hotel, getting settled in.

Also, while I’m asking curious what some favorite TS restaurants are in Epcot & Boardwalk.

If you are specifically after Italian and not on the Dining Plan (or are planning to eat a few meals off the plan), check out Il Mulino at the Swan. Absolutely DELICIOUS Italian food.


You’ll have some of the best restaurants just outside of your room door:
Il Mulino

Fuel’s hot sub sandwiches are an absolute hidden gem, too.
Kimonos - another hidden gem.

You might just find you’ll get more bang for your buck at Swolphin restaurants because they are not Disney owned/managed. I only say “might” - ymmv, of course.


My first thought was why Il Mulino was not on your list? That would be my choice too.


Thanks! I initially didn’t have Il Mulino as a pick since it seemed more of a “date” spot (will be with our 8 and 10yo). Though, reconsidered AND remembered the kids club option, so think husband and I will go there one night…added Via Napoli as a lunch while in Epcot. Also, the other suggestions tips are great too. Thank you!

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