Help out TouringPlans? - All Stars question for the Unofficial Guide

Hey there. Strange request here. If you’ve recently stayed at the All Star resorts, and still have the email or hard copy of your folio (your final bill), could you check to see if the tax charged was Orange County or Osceola County and how much?

If you don’t want to share the folio publicly, just PM a screenshot or photo of the part with the taxes to me and @mascardofamily.

Thanks for your help! This is part of the fact-checking of the next Unofficial Guide.

How recently? I last stayed at the All-Stars in May 2015 and was charged the Osceola county tax rate (as I had been in my previous stays at the All-Star resorts). I think the total taxes were 13%, as opposed to 12.5% when I’ve stayed in the Orange County Disney resorts.

If you want the bill from last May, then let me know and I’ll send it to you.

Please do send it. That’s super helpful thanks.