Help optimizing tiered Fastpass+

Hi, I’m planning for an upcoming WDW trip. Sorry if this has already been answered, I can’t seem to find an answer by searching.

I’m trying to understand the possibilities of the tiered Fastpass+ system at Epcot and DHS. I understand that I can pre-book FP+ for 1 higher tier and 2 lower tier attractions.

What I’m not clear on:

  1. These parks work the same way as the MK, where once the initial 3 FP+ have been used more can be obtained one at a time from the kiosk, right?

  2. Are these additional FP+ restricted to the lower tier, or are higher tier FP+ also obtainable (if they are available)?

  3. If the answer to 2 is yes, what happens if I haven’t used up my initial allowance of 3 FP+? For example, if I book FP+ for Soarin’ at 9:00, and for two lower tier attractions at 10:00 and 11:00. Could I then, after riding Soarin’, cancel the other two reservations that I have made, and then try to book Test Track at the kiosk? Or will I be limited to filling up my two remaining lower tier slots before getting a shot at another higher tier attraction?

Thanks very much.

Let me try to help:

  1. Yes, you can go to a kiosk and get more FPS after you have used your first three

  2. You can book any available FP at the kiosk. Once you book you can also change the experience or time through the app or MDE on your phone.

  3. You must cancel your FPs before you use your first once, through your browser, I think. Reports are you will not be limited.

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