Help on Dining!

Hello dis friends,

     I am about 5 days away from my 180 days out and about to reserve my dining. I have played around a bit with 1) "My dis experience" app, and very little on the 2) "touring plans" reservation finder. I guess what I am asking is what works ?  Have you used 1 or both ? 

what advice could you give me to score on my attack? Tips, tricks and Disney magic is appreciated

Thank you

You have to book through the disney website. The Touring Plans reservation finder will search for specific reservations for you, but there is no guarantee it will still be there, because other people may be searching for the same thing, and you have to log into disney to book it anyway.

Having said that, I am heading during christmas-new year’s week, and got everything I wanted, and even added new christmas day reservations about a month ago. Get on early, book your hardest ones first, and you should be fine.

It’s very easy to book on MDE - I think I used the website on my iPad rather than the app. Try for harder to get reservations first - CRT, BOG (reservations needed for all meals even though breakfast and lunch are QS), any pre RD character meal in parks, and then get the rest. Dining packages often aren’t released at 180 so don’t panic if it looks like they are all gone.

Then use the reservation finder to look for any you didn’t get, or didn’t get the perfect time.

so you are saying that you are only notified of an open reservation on touring plan res finder but need to go to dis experience app to actually do the res.?

Dining packages often aren’t released at 180 can you explain what you mean by this?

Yes. A real human checks for your reservation, and anyone searching for the same one will get the email letting you know it’s available.

Sometimes when you click the link in the email it comes up saying it’s gone- the link only works for the first person’s click, but I have read to check my disney experience anyway because it doesn’t necessarily mean the reservation was booked.

Use the reservation finder after you have made your ADRS to get a better time or find one you might have missed out on as @missoverexcited said above.

Often dining packages such as fantasmic or ROL aren’t able to be booked at the 180 day window. I’m not sure there is a set time frame as to when they do become available, you will need to keep checking back.

A package is where you get tickets for better seating at Fantasmic or ROL etc. You don’t go to the restaurant to look for those, you go to Fantasmic Dining Packages or whatever. Often, those don’t get released dead on 180 days out so it just says there is no availability. It doesn’t mean they are sold out.

I have made reservation for many a trip over the years. Here’s the thing. If your staying on property you can make your reservations 180 days out. If you are not staying on property you only get 160 days out to make your reservations. I personally have never had a problem getting the APR’s I wanted and at the times I wanted them at 180 days out. After 160 days out it’s good luck for the hard one’s such as BOG. Now the Unofficial Guide Reservation Finder is only when you did not get what you wanted via the Disney World Reservations site. It is very hard to get this notification and then get to the site via your phone app and actually getting the Reservation. Many others have been notified as well and believe me they are quick to grab it. When notified don’t wait to see the exact day and time but rather grab it immediately. If it isn’t what you want, you can cancel the reservation and it will be dropped back in the Que for other to get another chance at. If you make your reservations 180-161 days out you shouldn’t even need this reservation finder. Remember make reservations on everything you think you might want for APR’s. As long as you drop them 24 hours before your reservation, there is no cancelation fee. Good Luck!

Actually, 180 days is for everyone, onsite or not. If you are onsite you can book all days of your trip, up to 10 days on the 180 day. If offsite you must log in every day at the 180 mark and can only book for that day only.

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When did the 160 thing start? When I thought I was going on a cruise in Feb (it’s since changed to a WDW vacation), I decided to stay in the area but not at a WDW resort, but I wanted to do dinner at WDW the night before. I was able to make that ADR 180 days out.

It hasn’t, see my note above.

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Thanks. Yeah, I think we were posting at about the same time. :slight_smile:

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Yes we were!

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Yes, my mistake. Still the point is that on the 180th day you book a full days worth of APR’s. Off property you book one day at a time. You can see where this gives you an advantage staying on property and getting the APR’s you want before the masses can get to them. Not quite what I stated, but basically the same principle. Still, I personally have never had a problem getting the reservation I wanted going this way.

Why does my computer do this? It eliminated the number 10 in full 10 days and only said days. Now you see what I mean.

Very few ADRs are gone 180 days out though, even booking one day at a time. It’s an advantage but not a huge one unless you’re after CRT or BOG.

I just had my 180 out yesterday and at 6am I started and I really don’t know why all the uproar . First, got an hour set back because of a mix up on conflicting log on’ s (totally my fault) Once I got started I got every desired place for every day for every time!..don’t get it

this was way too easy ! Am I blessed?( well yes I am) Is it that I am going in May of 2018?.. by the evening my wife and I stared on our lunches and breakfast which were also relativity easy… Don’t really know why people have to use touring rev finder ect…

Cali grill prime time …Aloha dinner show …Ohana Prime time… could have gotten BOG anytime …lunch or dinner

called for aloha dinner show because the web site was being fussy but no problem what time or day I wanted

It’s because you are going during a time when park hours are longer, free dining is not offered, and because there are no parties at MK (Halloween, Christmas) that cause all sorts of issues with dining. We go almost every year in April, and I always get every reservation I need on my 180 day. Can usually still pick up hot items like BOG dinner many weeks after. This is not always the case for people who go other times of year. Also, many plan trips inside of 180 days, having no idea they missed that window for prime reservations.


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