HELP No PPO for 2 year old at BOG

I forgot to include our 2 year old in our PPO reservations at BOG. Will they let all of us in? We have a reservation for 4, (me, DH, DD12, and DS14) He doesn’t need park tickets and isn’t on the DP, since it is a QS meal will we all 5 be able to get in?

I can keep trying to modify our reservations…
Also should he be included in the reservation? Now I am second guessing myself, we will be preordering for everyone else. But I was thinking for fire codes or something we were supposed to include them.

Yes he should be included in all ADRs but I can’t imagine they won’t let him in if you plead ignorance and say you didn’t think he had to be on the reservation because he has no tickets or dining plan. It’s not like you can leave him outside!


Hand him off to the CM and say, “Ok. I’ll be back in 30.” ha!


If you are worried you could set the reservation finder to find it for just one person. We did this to add my Dad because for some reason I couldn’t modify the reservation to add one person but was able to get him a separate reservation.

Did you have to make another MDE to add the reservation? It always wants to cancel the one I have to add the new one.

If you try to add an overlapping reservation yourself it won’t allow it. If you get a link from the reservation finder, it brings you in past this step and allows overlap (at least it did earlier this year and previous years).

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Thank you so much! I will set up the reservation finder like that, I had it set up for our entire group +1 which would be much harder to get.

I was at WDW three weeks ago. I had a party of seven, two of which were toddlers. When booking the ADR’s, if the restaurant didn’t allow me to book for seven, I would book for six instead with the excuse that one of the toddlers could sit in my lap. I booked four ADR’s, three of which I had to book for six people. With each of those three, we arrived with seven people, and they allowed us in with no problem. You’re supposed to include all members in your party as part of your ADR, but not including your 2-year-old is not going to hurt.


OK Reservation Finder is awesome. I got one more added just now (a few hours after setting it up). The fact that it will get you beyond the point where they kick you out for overlapping reservations is amazing.

Only downside is now I don’t have a reason to have the CM babysit. :wink:


In my experience, when you modify an ADR, it will not cancel your old one until you finish confirming the new one. Once you have the new ADR for your whole party, you wouldn’t want to keep the old one anyways right?

I’m surprised to hear that worked. I believe I’ve heard of folks who broke their groups up to make ADRs and who CM insisted upon seating apart. Maybe it’s different for a party of 1? (And of course they’re not going to seat a 2 year old by themselves…)

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BOG is QS I don’t think they will split us up.

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It’s different because BOG is QS, they will seat themselves.


If the restaurant is at fire code capacity, it certainly will. Especially with BOG, it is not about enough chairs - it’s about the fire code allowed number in the restaurant at any one time.

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Thanks, with the reservation finder I was able to get one more reservation for just one person, without losing our one for 4. So we are all good. I just have to remember he counts for dinning and not for FP :slight_smile:


Yes, sorry I have a separate one for my parents! since I’m the one doing the planning it’s my password, phone number, and credit card…made it easier to do everything.

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