Help needed with ResFinder

I grabbed the only ADR for dinner at BOG that popped up back in March for the week we will be there (8/24-8/31). Its at 8:25 on the Monday night that we are also scheduled to see Wishes and I was hoping for just a tad earlier. I have had a bunch of ResFinder notifications but even when I have caught it the minute a text comes through, I instantly go onto Disney’s site to reserve it and …nothing. What gives? Do I have to book on the same device that I scheduled the Resfinder?

You don’t have to book on the same device. I think what you’re seeing is that BOG reservations are exceptionally hard to get, and they don’t last long at all. My advice is to keep trying.

Thanks for using the site!

Ok, thank you! Thought I was missing something but now I feel lucky to even have the res for BOG dinner at all! :wink: