Help needed please!

Nothing like using Genie+ for real to find out what you don’t know…

  1. How to I pin certain rides to the top of my Tip Board?

  2. This is a TP question. How do I go to the first post of a thread quickly? The G+ thread is a gazillion posts long but I’m looking for the quick guide for order of booking G+ rides in each park. And the link to the TP blog post about that.

How can I get back to the top when it saves the last post I read?

Thanks liners!

Do you have the post count on your screen? Select that and you can scroll up quicker without having all the posts load in as you go.

Hope that’s what you mean because I don’t have an answer for any of the rest.

Are you there now??? TR???
Hope it’s a great trip :yellow_heart:


You can scroll up & down the thread using the slider bar on the right side:


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Here is how to customize the tip board: Customize the Genie Tip Board for Convenience and Speed | Blog


This article might also help you determine G+ availability and order to book: What Does Genie+ Lightning Lane Availability Look Like?

The data is a little old, but is a good starting place.

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I also bookmark posts and then just go directly through my bookmarks.


You can bookmark individual posts? :flushed:

How do I do that?

Click this blue icon under your post and then this screen pops up to set specific details if you want. Once bookmarked that litttle ribbon on the post turns blue.



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