Help needed for trip of a lifetime

So…I have had so much fun with all the advice and have fallen in love with all you peeps. Planning what will most likely be last trip before grand kids (if they happen). DH and I are fit/in shape hip…ish 60 years olds. End of October 2019 I have DVC rental at BLT for our 33rd anniversary (odd year) We are game for many things.

Plans - we have 8 day park hoppers; mnsshp; calli grille brunch; early days mixed in with late; hoping for DAH HS ad AK - we shall see. We have been to Disney many times and have experienced a lot… If this were your last trip for many years, what would you do and see? no interest in SWGE CROWDS


my plans: 8 nights, 9 days

  • AK
    • FOP twice
    • Navi River
    • EE
    • Satulli Canteen
    • Tiffins
    • Kilimanjaro Safaris
    • ROL
    • Lion King
    • Kali River Rapids
    • All the trails… all of em
  • MK
    • Splash about 40 times
    • BTMMR about 30 times
    • Everything else but Space mountain
  • Epcot –
    • Soarin
    • Test Track
    • Seas
    • Every dang thing in WS
  • HS
    • Everything but TOT
  • Extras
    • MNSSHP
    • Boat House
    • Raglan Road
    • HDDR???
    • DAH – AK
    • DAH HS
    • Cali Grille Brunch
    • 3 times at Food and Wine

@profmatt, @ryan1 @OBNurseNH, @Welsh_Dragon Help please

My wife and I loved the Wild Africa Trek at AK. We did that on our last pre-kids Orlando Trip (5 days at WDW and 2 days at Universal).

Have you beed to Universal? Would you consider it for a couple days?

We love dinner at Cali Grill and watching the fireworks from the Cali Grill balcony. I see you are having brunch there, but maybe schedule a dinner too.

We also enjoyed walking around AKL and the animal areas followed by dinner at Jiko.

I have not done it before, but if it were me, I would get a res for HEA dessert party. I made a res for this for my last trip, but cancelled when my 3.5 y/o said a week before our trip that she didn’t want to see any fireworks at Disney World because they are too loud.


You forgot the really important detail: what is your couples costume for MNSSHP??? :smiley:


I’m going to be there at about the same time AND also BLT! Oct 6-12th. Very hip 60 year olds too :wink: We are doing a family costume as Robin Hood and gang for MNSSHP. I’m going as Lady Kluck!


I love that you put Raglan Road on there! It’s our absolute favorite!

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I would add Voices of Liberty at Epcot. They are a must see for me!

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What about exploring the bars and lounges, while you are unencumbered?

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Hey @bethro23 I’m not able to take a look at this until maybe this evening. But I will try to!

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Based on what you have here, I’m not sure what you want, additionally! :slight_smile:

But with 8 days, I would put at least one of the AK days and one of the HS days at least days 6 and 7 to ensure you get the FOP/SDD FPP. Crowds should be low then, so I expect you to have a grand time. F&W gets super crowded on weekends, so unless you don’t mind shoulder-to-shoulder crowds, I’d keep Epcot (F&W) during a weekday. You can hit Epcot during a weekend, but I’d stay in Future World, personally.

I hope you’re being hyperbolic there, since that would take up about 7 hours of day JUST for the ride, assuming no wait! :wink:

You didn’t post your first day at the parks, so it is hard to make a specific schedule suggestion. With 9 days at the parks, in general, I’d suggest 2 1/2 days at MK, 1 1/2 days at AK, 2 1/2 days at Epcot (for F&W), 1 1/2 full days at HS. I’d leave one day unplanned that you can decide later (although, you might pick your favorite FPP and schedule the 9th day FPP regardless, knowing you can just pop in for the FPP and then hop over to do something else).

On half days at other parks, you can pop over to DS or Epcot for F&W.


The only obvious omissions are dessert parties and the Wild Africa Trek.

Also, you haven’t placed much emphasis on ADRs: what about V&A, Monsieur Paul, CG at night (I’m doing brunch and dinner there in July), . . .

Character breakfasts? I’m a huge fan of 1900PF. The new storybook dinner at AP?

Finally: sleep. Be careful about burning the candle at both ends. I’ve fallen into that trap.


agree on the sleep - which is why I am hoping for DAH at AK and/or HS - so we can sleep next day and lounge around the pool

definitely hyperbolic, but I love SPLASH and BTMMR

one of mine too. Was actually thinking of swapping RR brunch for CG brunch but may not have to bc I think RR Brunch is on Saturday as well as Sunday

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probably our Lady and Tramp tee shirts and Ears (for me - DH would never)

Sleep at Disney? Is that a thing to plan for? I jokingly tell my wife they pump extra oxygen into the air when she asks why I’m never tired at Disney World.


I don’t see MK fireworks on here or whatever will be in Epcot by then. Those would be must do for me. As often as possible, especially HEA from various vantage points.

I also would want to add in one of my all-time favorite extras, Wild Africa Trek, as well as perhaps a behind the scenes tour at MK - I really enjoyed Marceline to MK but I would LOVE to do KTTK if I were maybe not going back ever

Thanks for your patience in awaiting my reply. I’ve started a new job this week and do not have the freedom quite yet to be checking in here very often as I am bound to a prescribed orientation schedule :slight_smile:


FWIW you can still go back in the evening for fireworks viewing from the balcony if you’ve had brunch; just bring your receipt :slight_smile:

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I assumed that was covered by “every dang thing in WS”