Help needed for modified DLR 55 challenge touring plan

I have alluded to this on chat, but now I really need to try to get answers and figure this out. Here’s the deal…My DD13 and I really want to try a modified version of the DLR55. We will create a list of attractions that we want to experience (probably 40-45) and then we will try to do them all in one day. Any suggsetions on how to create a touring plan?We will enter DL on an early entry day and will have Max Pass. Should I create a touring plan ahead of time or just rely on the Max Pass return times? Both? I’m not sure where or how to start the plan. Thanks!

Nice to see you on this side! I know we have already talked about the pirate guy, but have you watched his YouTube video. That might give a place to start. Also on ee in DLR I will put together a plan to attack FLif those are part of your modified challenge.

Hi! Thanks for the response. Do you mean the Pirate’s video or is there another? many of the rides in FL will definitely be part of our challenge.

Yes pirates video. I would watch and take notes on how he did it, then modify to meet your goals.

Hello, wondering what the YouTube video is called. I am also looking for this same type of plan. Thanks!

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Thanks! Excited to watch.

I would watch FPs on days with similar operating hours to your challenge day to know the trends. Then based on that information, make a gameplan on what order you’ll look for your FPs, with some back-up scenarios based on if some FPs are going faster/slower than expected. I personally would do my first FP for RSR, followed by IC, TSMM, GotG and then either Space or Soarin depending on how those return times fit into my day. Then I would consider whichever one I didn’t pick between Space/Soarin with Indy. After that, most of what’s left that you can book a FP for will have open availability for MOST of the rest of the day, so just work with whatever’s soonest.

Aside from that, I would use my EE at DL to tackle slow loaders without a FP (Peter Pan, Alice, Dumbo and/or Finding Nemo, Autopia in Tomorrowland) any of those that you don’t get during EE are also GREAT candidates to do at the end of the day as well- with the ones in Tomorrowland being great to do during FWs when lines are slower.

Lastly, keep track of and/or memorize the times for early closers & plan for them to be done with plenty of time to avoid missing the last ride (Main Street Vehicles, Red Car Trolley, SS Columbia, Mark Twain, Davy Crockett Canoes, Tom Sawyer Island rafts, ToonTown and if WOC is running anything that is in view of the show so IC, Jumpin Jellyfish, Silly Symphony Swings, Pixar Pal Around).

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