Help! Need a Tutorial on Flower & Garden

Forum friends!

I have a very good friend who texted me late last night to let me know that she and her wife will be going to WDW… in TWO weeks! They have NOTHING planned. So suffice it to say, I am taking the reins.

I’ve got them a link to get a discounted rate at B Resort and Spa (thanks mousesavers). I will also be talking with them this evening to help them set up MDE and teach the the magic of FPPs.

The wild card is Flower & Garden. I’ve never done any festivals at Epcot - what do they need to know?

It will be a very short trip - potentially only two full park days (so I’m thinking MK and EP for them).


I have been to flower and garden many times and it is mostly how Epcot is decorated with shrubs in character design that is flower and garden. Now there are events and you can get a list of them when you get to Epcot. They are in a brochure which is available for free all over the park. :woman_farmer::man_farmer:

Tell them to drink all the violet lemonade. :slight_smile: It was my F+G highlight.

There is an app that has info on the food booths:

The displays are amazing!

Thank you all for the feedback! Keep it coming :slight_smile:

So in general can they do sort of normal Epcot and enjoy the Flower & Garden stuff as they notice it, or is F&G super in your face? Does it take over world showcase?

They have not been before so when I’m putting together EP for them, just curious if what I know already is still applicable.

This is what to expect.


We have been to F&G several times. We don’t do the food stands or the activities. We just enjoy seeing the topiaries. It’s not really in your face and to me makes Epcot more beautiful.


It doesn’t swamp EPCOT with crowds like Food & Wine can. I agree with @Alewis678 that it makes the park more beautiful. There are some food booths that are tempting, but in general I think it just makes everything more pleasant! We always try to hit this time of year because of F & G.


Also there are craft and art vendors with very unique fun stuff.

Don’t forget the Garden Rocks concert series! :+1:t2:

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