Help! MVMCP Meet & Greet

How should we prioritize meet & greets for the following during MVMCP?

  1. 7 Dwarfs
  2. Donald & Scrooge
  3. Daisy & Minnie
  4. Winnie-the-Pooh and Friends

We can enter MK at 4. Should we held up to Fantasyland and get in line for 7 Dwarfs? Do they start meeting before the party starts at 7?

Should we spread the other meet & greets to later in the evening?

Nope… sorry.

7 Dwarfs are the biggest crowd of those you listed. (Jack & Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas are #1) You should line up as soon as you can - especially if your date is a Friday - Sun. or the last few days of MVMCP in December.

Lines for each of these can be as long as two+ hours. If your only priority for MVMCP is characters then you may be able to do them all. Otherwise, I’d consider two M&G, maximum, during your time.

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December 10th and 12th

Tuesday & Thurs. will be better nights. They aren’t, currently, Sold Out. If you are going twice I guess you can do one whole night of M&G and the other night can be the shows & etc…

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Whatever you do, do NOT try to get a photo with Piglet and Tigger at the same time! Right, @mousematt ?

I kid … Matt’s incident was not at MVMCP.


Too soon.


Yeah, I saw what happened with @mousematt! Although when we were there last in 2012, Tigger and Pooh took pictures together with us with no problems.