Help! MK hours have changed for October

MK hours have changed for October, its opening at 8:00 instead of 9:00. Im trying to figure out our plan now:
We have a 8:00 ADR at BOG
What time will main street open for 7:55 welcome show?
With 8:00 ADR will we still get in earlier around 7:30?
I really want to keep the ADR as we haven’t seen inside the castle yet, I snagged a mine train FP this morning as I know we won’t be able to rope drop it now. But would still love to get into a almost empty main street. Thanks guys, I’ve searched high and low and figured I’d come straight to the source :slight_smile:

I don’t think BOG will open until 8am regardless. Is the park opening time 8am for everyone or for EMH? The welcome show will take place at park opening, whenever that is. So if it’s EMH at 8 then everyone else will he held at the hub, whilst resort guests will be allowed beyond the ropes (they’ll scan bands there).

Either way, I think your chances of an empty Main Street are slim. Sorry.

Its not EMH they just extended the hours from 9-10 to 8-12. I think we will keep the ADR and arrive around 7:30 and see what time they allow us in with the 8:00 ADR, hopefully around 7:40 and everyone else around 7:50. thanks so much

I would double check but my understanding is that Main Street is open to everyone 1 hour before official park opening. So if park opens at 8. That should mean everyone can get in at 7. Does anyone know for sure? Everything I read says 1 hour before official opening and they hold people at hub. Since your adr is 8. Not sure how this affects you. You definitely can get to hub along with everyone else then probly enter adr line about 15 or 20 min before reservation. I just don’t know how empty the hub will be if everyone can arrive between 7 and 8 and of course the first coveted hour of the day will be spent at a meal.

I finally found a few trip reports and MK opening at 8, people were let in around 7:50 not 7:00. We are going to keep our ADR as we haven’t been to the castle yet and its a adult only trip, we have a FP for everything we want to ride. Hopefully we can get in around 7:30-7:40 eat at 8:00 and be out by 8:30 and still get to a few things without a long wait.

I wasn’t sure how they did it now since they changed how they do opening ceremony in January of this year. Everyone getting onto main street early really Diminishes some of the perks of early adrs. I knew with 9 am opening everyone gets in at 8 so I wasn’t sure how it was with 8 am opening. Have a fun trip and let us know how it goes!!

Thank you

We are in the exact same boat for the same day. Ugh! I was so excited for this plan that will now not work. My kids are excited to see the inside of the castle so I don’t want to cancel our adr for BOG at 8:05. I am wondering if we get into the park at 7:45 would we be able to have one go on 7D? I’m guessing not but thought maybe? Hoping if we preorder our food we will be out in time to still take advantage of early park hours for other rides. I also have put into crowd finder for a later BOG time but can’t really do much later because of already scheduled FFP.

We are going to keep our 8:00 ADR at BOG, hopefully we can get in right at 7:40-7:45 and beat a little of the crowd. I snagged a 8:45 FP for mine train and touring plans says to jump on Peter Pan at 8:00 and arrive at BOG at 8:08 so I think we will do that. We really want to see inside the castle as we’ve never been and it’s a girls only birthday trip with my sister.

Thanks for the reply. That sounds like a good plan, I think we will be following in your footsteps! I had also thankfully booked FFP for us for the mine train in case something happened. So I guess the one that would be good to try for early is PP like you are doing. But my TP has us arriving at PP at 8:11? Or if I optimize it lists BOG first and arriving at 8:11. I am not able to change our arrival for before the park opens at 8. Were you able to put in an earlier arrival?

I just put in our 8:00 BOG ADR and selected all the rides we wanted to ride, put in all of our FPP and it automatically had us going to PP at 8:00, and BOG at 8:08

Best hidden gem of advice I’ve gotten for disney dining was from Shannon Albert at WDW Prep School: if you’re going for a PPO breakfast, make a 2nd reservation for mid-late morning and wait until just before your trip to cancel one or the other. That way if they open the park earlier, you can take advantage of the early hours and still keep your ADR. Good to know for the future to save some headache.

Good advice! I will know for next time :slight_smile:

That is so strange. It will not let me go to PP before 8:09 (even walking at fast pace!) which doesn’t put us to BOG until 8:17 which I would worry would cause us to lose our reservation. I guess we will just play it by ear and see how fast we get to PP!