Help me with my HS day?

We are hoping for an early BG and will drop whatever when ours is called… we have to leave the park by 2 so if we don’t get an early one… we will try again the next day.

Right now, it’s me, DH, DS6.

PPO H&V at 8. I don’t know that we need this, but it would be nice to get in an ADR line instead of the huger mass and have a place to sit while trying to get a BG… but I’m not super worried about this because I can’t imagine they leave park open at 9am.

Then sign up for Jedi training, hopefully getting first session (what are chances here?)
Meet Chewy/Darth/explore launch bay
Jedi training
Oga’s reservation at 1010… wondering if we should drop this. we’d like to see it, but may split one boozeless drink at best.
Muppet FP 10-11 tap and go
Star tours 11-12 FP
Savi’s at 1125
I have both a Scifi ADR and a TSM FP at 1220, but times are pretty open to push that back if needed.

The next HS day we had planned:
Try to get a BG if we didn’t get to ride the day before. If we got a BG, arrive at 10 for DisJr FP (we will have DD 18m w/ us this day)
Then Frozen FP
Then lunch, prob at woody’s
Then SDD 1p FP (best we could do)
Then try to grab a 4th for ToT, hit whatever else we missed day 1

Day 1 especially seems like a mess (though TP says it’s possible w/ times). DS is doing chores to earn stickers for light saber money, so we can’t miss that. I would just kill the scifi ADR, but, we’ve gotta eat something, and DS would love that too… thoughts?

We were able to get a ton done early January at HS. We had our 3 FPs in the first 3 hours of the parks and then were able to just keep grabbing FPs. We had double digit FPs by using the first three as fast as possible.

So far I havent been able to move our tier 1s any earlier but that is the plan if possible