Help me understand PhotoPass options?

I’m reading DLR Prep School’s post on PhotoPass. At one point, she says that the 1-week and 1-day options include “participating character meals”. Then later, she talks about the “Disney PhotoPass Collection” option, which is $99. This one says you receive a voucher for a Dining Print Package. But if character meals are included in the 1-week and 1-day, then why would I need a special voucher? Is this voucher for the “posed” picture before the meal (which would then mean that picture is not included in the regular Photo Pass?) Or does it just give you prints of a photo that is already included in the regular package?

Also, I think I read that you can see the pictures that have been taken before you purchase. But can you share low-res images, like on Facebook for example, before you purchase and/or redeem the code? It says “You can purchase the Disney PhotoPass Collection at any time during your visit; however, you will redeem the product code after you are finished capturing photos.” So, would I be able to share pics on Facebook each day while we are there, and redeem the code at the end?

I don’t know about the voucher but I’ll tell you what we did. We paid $69 for the 1 week pass on the first day of our trip. We were able to download all pics from the app, you won’t be able to download them until then but you will be able to see them, at low res with copyright markings. For our breakfast at Plaza Inn (character meal), they took a photo of us when we first went in. They print them out and put them in a folio for people to buy. When I told them we had paid for the photo pass they just gave the photo pass code to download the photo on the app. They didn’t check that we’d actually paid for it or anything. I don’t see any harm in waiting to pay but we liked having immediate access to the photos if you already know you are going to buy it. We didn’t pay $30 more for stock photos, there are plenty of those for free on the internet. I did find the PhotoPass at Disneyland more confusing than WDW but it worked out. There are not nearly as many PhotoPass photographers out and about but I though $70 was an OK value for the whole week.

Ok, that makes sense, thanks!