Help me understand…HM ears

While at WDW last month, DD bought these ears.

. I have read that the safety pins represent the number 13, but WHY safety pins? I don’t know why this has me so curious, but it does. What are your thoughts? Anyone know? Just seems like an odd choice.

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Someone said something about this being related to a particular designer. I have these ears and I love them!

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Interesting about it being related to a particular designer. We also love them, but for some reason that particular decision has me asking questions. I need to plan another trip to stop worrying about such silly things!

It’s Her Universe IIRC

mmmm How? I’m counting 5 there, 1 group of 2, 1 group of 3. …

Clearly I’m too dumb to puzzle it out.

Ah! XIII :bulb:
That took me a minute :laughing:

A punk/Goth combo. Interesting, but I don’t get it either.

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One is in the shape of roman numberal X and the other three are III

XIII = =13

THAT is a VERY VERY generous classification of the symbol of “X”. (based solely on the photo above)

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I would agree!

If it wasn’t for this…

I wouldn’t have seen Roman numerals on those ears at all.

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That’s on the level of:

“13” ← “It’s a “B” …A’Doiii !” :rofl:

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I texted dd20. She is all things HM.

… from our October trip (she is wearing the ears w/ her HM dress)

She may/may not remember, but I know we had a conversation about the significance of the pins at one point.


Thank you all for joining me in my madness! Initially we couldn’t figure out the 13 either. Thank goodness for Google!

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I have these ears and love them too. But never saw the 13, so thanks :blush: