Help me understand annual pass upgrades?

We have 4 day park hopper tickets, which I did not buy from Disney, valid until Januaryish or something – well after our planned trip. I gather that the rules have changed, and tickets now have a start date? Or something?

Anyway, how can I figure out how much value Disney assigns to my current ticket? It’s probably worth upgrading one person in our group, but right now my math involves more estimates than I like.

Might be worth comparing it to a “anytime” ticket instead of a date-based one. It sounds more like yours.

I can’t find those on the Disney website. Do you have a link?

Also, Disney is convinced that I am in/from Europe, and will only show me ticket prices in pounds or euros. (Annual passes are in dollars, because obviously). I don’t know why they think this, because they have my US address and phone number.

I can only share our experience from 2 years ago, and I am hoping the same holds true for our trip in June. We bought Park Hopper tickets at a discounted price from UT. On the first evening of our trip, we went to Guest Services at MK to upgrade to APs. The CM who we ended up with would only credit us toward the AP for what we actually paid UT for the tickets. (How she was privy to that info? idk.) Hence, no savings from the bridging. We politely declined and hopped over to AK (we were headed there anyway.) We got a very nice CM at AK Guest Services who credited us toward the AP for the current WDW Gate price for our Park Hoppers, which is what I expected. We netted a several hundred dollar savings on the “Discount ticket to AP conversion” which more than paid for out Tables in Wonderland membership. So, my point is, sometimes it depends on the CM. I have heard some people getting credited only for what they paid, some people getting credited for the WDW on line price at the time they purchased the tickets, and some lucky people like us, who got credited for the full current Gate price. I don’t know what we will encounter this June with the new dated tickets, but I am hoping for the best! Not sure if this answers your question?

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Oh, man! I thought they had an actual policy. Sounds like a roll of the dice!