Help me understand annual pass math

My 9-year-old daughter and I will be at UOR April 16th -19th. Right now I have a reservation at an offsite partner hotel for about $150 a night about 1 mile away (lowest price to still get early admission)

If I was to get the Power Pass (this is the lowest price option that doesn’t black out my dates) annual pass for $354 I could get a discount rate at Cabana Bay for about $144

Could I then buy my daughters ticket the first day at a 15% discount?

I was planning to buy the P2P 2 day ticket that has 2 days free that would cost $235.

So here is my thinking (numbers are all pre-tax)

$450 hotel
$235 adult tix
$225 child tix
$910 total

$432 hotel
$354 adult
$192 child
$978 total

So is my math correct that it would cost me only about $70 more to stay onsite? I would have to take an taxi/uber each way from the offsite that I didn’t factor in so the difference would be a little lower.

Uber/Lyft to and from the parks, with tip, is around $11 one way. So I’d add $45 to the offsite total. Plus there’s the intangibles such as early admission, the pools, package delivery, etc.

I don’t know if the discount on tickets are off of the front of gate prices or the online prices, so keep that in mind.

Based on the Universal online prices, you seem to be thinking of the price for one park per day (no hopping); 2-day park-to-park with promo from Universal is currently $295 for adult, $285 for child, pre-tax. UT has these tickets for $290 and $280 (WITH tax included), respectively. As far as I understand, the discount is for gate prices, which I think are about $15 more, so you’re probably better off buying the ticket in advance from UT. You can also upgrade the UT ticket to annual pass and possibly get an additional discount this way, but these tickets would only count as 2-day tickets.

Also, you don’t need to have the annual pass to make the reservation with the annual pass rate; in addition, many people say you don’t need to have it at check-in despite what they say, but I have no direct experience with that.

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my understanding is that it is only off of the gate price, so that makes it more expensive.

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sorry you are right, my numbers were for the one park per day tickets. So it would be a bit higher.
My company is a member of Tickets At Work so I checked there. I could get the 3-park Power Pass for the same price as the 2-park pass from UOR website.