Help me think this through

So originally we booked a Magic your way package with dining… then since we live close to Disneyland we got annual passes (signature plus). We’re planning on upgrading to premier passports. Which leaves me with a few questions…

Magic Bands? How does this happen (we’re staying at POFQ)?
Fast pass? When can I book those?
We’re off the dining plan and going to use AP discounts for food. Any recommendations there?

So excited!! Passes to both is a dream for me. It made sense when I ran the numbers. Trying to convince the hubs to make a couples trip later in the year!!!

You’ll get magic bands by staying at POFQ. I think you have to use your APs once and can then order your special AP bands.

You will be able to book FPs for the length of your stay at 60 days out, EXCEPT …
You are limited as to the number of days you can have in a month (I think) so if you have any other FPs booked before your onsite stay you may not be able to make all days of FPs.

So if you booked FPs for 3 days before your POFQ stay, then you could only make them for 4 days of your onsite stay until you started using up those offsite days.

So don’t book any FPs before your stay at POFQ and you’ll be fine :grinning:

Will you have your AP before your trip? Will you upgrade at DL? You will not be able to make any fast passes until you have that active AP. Although an AP limits your fast passes in a month, that limit does not apply if you you are onsite . You may also look at a Tables in Wonderland card. They just reduced the AP dining discounts and TiW is 20% off all table service and bars/lounges.

If you have a reservation, go into My Disney Experience from a browser. When you log into your account, if you have linked your reservation, you will be able to go into the magic band section and “customize your magic bands”.