Help me plan my rope drop for AK please?


Ok our AK day is a CL4 day. Hours are 9-9:30. We have FP for EE 9:20, KS 10:25 and FoP 12:10 (woohoo).

We have not been to AK since Pandora opened so this is our first visit. The last time we went my kids would only ride KS and Dinosaur so not a very exciting day :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: .

When we initially got our FP we were not able to get FoP but lucked into them later. Our initial plan was to arrive at 8 and RD FoP and then NR. Should we still do this? My gut is telling me to still stick to this plan. Thoughts?


If you want to ride FOP twice, I would stick to your plan. Otherwise you could probably arrive closer to 9 am and do NRJ at rope drop. It depends on what you think would be best for your family.


I would do FOP 2 Times


Stick to the plan!!! RD FoP and then head to Na’vi and then enjoy a second ride of FoP with your fast pass later in the day. You will be so glad you did!


Definitely go for 2 FoP! So worth it! Tips for RD FoP: Pick the turnstiles on the left at the gate, then buffalo stampede as close to the left as possible towards Pandora. Do not stop to drool and admire Pandora, you can do that later. As you pass Tiffin’s stick to the right, it seemed to me to move faster than the left side of the bridge into Pandora. The right lane of the FoP queue also moved faster (if open… sometimes they just open one lane). Enjoy!


If you arrive before 7:45am, FOP first and then Navi, if it’s closer to 8:30am, then just Navi


We did it a different way. Navi, then Safari, then EE multiple times before heading back for FOP FP. It was our first time on FOP and wish we would have been able to ride again! So if you can RD FOP then go for it! It was great!!


Thank you so much for this info! I took a screen cap of it and used it on my AK day! It helped a lot. We ended up riding FOP 3 times that day. RD, FP and got in line 10 mins before close.


So glad it helped you. FoP is SO worth the extra little hassle!!!


I would really like to see you demonstrating the buffalo stampede! :wink: I have bookmarked your advice for my next trip…but I need to know that I have the actions right. :slight_smile:


I cannot demonstrate accurately right now for lack of Buffalo and space but it is a far hairless version of this (use of horns and mooing optional):


I have a year to get it right. Which one do you most closely identify with?:wink:


We did NRJ first and just arrived around 8:30 or so. BUT, then we rode FOP and my girls decided we had to ride it again. So we got a n line again right before close. I think it is very likely your going to want two rides in so you can go ahead and stick to your plan to have two rides. If you end up being a little later, you could ride again at close.


The one on the right of course!


This is a very accurate representation of how it goes down for sure although less open space. Keep your elbows up and you’ll do fine😉


You need a shave! :wink:


Should say we rode FOP first with a fpp.